W.A.S.P. LIVE 2001
Below are a selection of some of the fan photos that were
sent to us from the European Festivals & U.S Tour 2001

European Festivals

June 8th - Gods Of Metal - Sweden
by Arjen Alkemade

Blackie with Fireworks

Pics of Blackie at a press conference before the Festival

Blackie LawlessoBlackie Lawless

June 8th - Gods Of Metal - Sweden
by Niklas Nilsson

August 2nd - Wacken Open Air - Germany
by Jorge Botas

U.S. Tour 2001

Aug 23rd - Jannus Landing - Florida
by Lisa


Aug 24th - House of Blues - Florida
by Emily


Aug 30/31 - Mulchanys/Birch Hill - NY
by Christina (& Braino Tat Pics)

Below are pics of Christina getting her tattoo of Blackie's autograph
By Braino - Big Joe & Sons - NYC


Sept 2nd - Webster Theatre - Hartford
by Michael Byrne


Sept 7th - Newport Music Hall -Ohio
by Jennifer & Steve

Sept 8th - Harpo's - Detroit
by Jared


Sept 20th - Canyon Club - Texas
by Mario & Amy

Oct 3rd - Galaxy Theare - Santa Ana

by Erin a.k.a Sgtgorgeous

REVIEWAfter 16 years of listening to W.A.S.P. I would consider myself a fan. So why is this the first time that I have been to see them live? I still can't answer that question. All I do know is that this experience was quite a nerving one. I actually felt like a virgin to this somewhat of a mecca known as W.A.S.P. It's like when you anticipate actually breaking your true virginity as a person with someone else. You hear all of the rumors, the horror stories of how it really is, and the good stories of how it really is. It's all based on each person's individual opinion. It confuses you. You don't know what to really expect. You want it to be great, but then you think about what you've heard. The negative things, they scare you. Then you think about some of the good things and before you know it, you're going out of your mind with anticipation!

That was when I decided that I was going to have to experience it myself. I would take the good and the bad and go with it. I had to. It had been long enough. It was my time to experience what I had anticipated for 16 years. Rumors or not. Painful or not. I was going for it! As I approached the entrance to the theatre I could see the faces of so many eager fans pushing through the doors. Waving their tickets in the faces of the security guards. I could see it, they were all experienced. They had been with W.A.S.P. before. But I dared not ask how the experience was. I needed this experience for myself. I was nervous. What? Why? Again, I can't answer that question. But it felt good, that rush of adrenaline that surges through your body right before you think something good is about to happen. I needed it. I was ready.

As I entered the theatre I could feel that vibration that is so distinctive. Vibration? So soon? Yes, the thundering of the amplifiers from the stage were rumbling through the venue. I went to see who it was. It was Fifi Larue, the first band of "the night" that was going to be one to remember. Fifi Larue was…interesting. Dressed out in lavishly outrageous costumes. A stage set that resembled that of a graveyard. So many stage props and acted out scenarios that it was difficult for anyone to look away for one moment in fear of missing something good, I think. Actually, they were quite entertaining. Next up was Pissing Razors. Oh yeah, that band that's been in Metal Edge Magazine a few times! That was about all I knew about them. Pretty hard core Pantera-like sound. The crowd watched. They seemed to enjoy it. But there really was no entertainment value as far as visual stimuli. Kind of hard for a band like Pissing Razors that just likes to get out and play on stage to be sandwiched between two very theatrical groups. Pissing Razors did sound good though. Would have been kind of cool to see a beheaded blow-up doll or two in their set. Oh wait, that was Fifi Larue.

Now, the moment I had been waiting for. Was I beginning to have second thoughts? Could I actually go through with it? Would anyone know I was a virgin? Did I look like a virgin? I felt insecure. I wanted to do everything right. I wanted W.A.S.P. to do everything right. I wanted it to be perfect. As I began to anticipate what was about to happen more and more….out went the lights! There was no turning back. It was about to happen. I had no choice but to let it happen. What was I so worried about? If it was going to be painful, like so many people had said, I was hoping for a quick ending. If it was going to be great, like so many people had said, I knew that I would never want to come down from that place of higher elevation that I was hoping it would take me.

The intro was dark. No one on stage. Only the intro track to Helldorado. "Well, I guess you didn't…" Then the screaming sound of the demonic vehicle engine followed by the thundering crash. That was it…W.A.S.P. had appeared on stage! The music was so alive! Blackie, Mike and Darrell strumming their guitars in alignment with one another, their backs to the crowd facing Stet behind his drum set. This was going to be good! I was already starting to relax! As the band turned to face the crowd the place came unglued!

Blackie immediately took a lit torch and set the W.A.S.P. sign in front of Stet's drum set ablaze! Talk about a freak show with the crowd response! It was W.A.S.P. in their true original form. Ahh, the good ol' days! The sign went out almost as quickly as it went up. I'm sure that safety issues were behind the reasoning for this. No need to repeat any Michael Jackson Pepsi commercials here. Helldorado led into Electric Circus and Electric Circus led into Chainsaw Charlie ( one of my favorites as well as the crowd's judging by their response). These three songs combined have been commonly referred to as "the medley" on the tour.

Photo restrictions were tight. Press photographers were only allowed to shoot during "the medley" and I Wanna Be Somebody at the end of the show. I did my best to get the shots that I could. But I was okay with that. It gave me some time to pace myself through my new found experience. I was doing okay. It wasn't half as bad as some people had said. Let It Roar was next. Yes, this was the only song off of Unholy Terror that was included in the set list. Don't ask why. It just was. People were into it. I know! I know! It would have been nice to see the people have the opportunity to be into some more of the songs off of that incredible release. But hey, I was still trying to deal with the fact that I was being de-virginized! They could have played Old MacDonald for all I cared, I was concentrating on the rhythm!

Enter Wild Child. This was the first W.A.S.P. song that I had heard when I was 14 years old. This is the song that started it all for me. So I leaned back against the wall and soaked it all in. I needed a breather, and this was the perfect song to give me that chance to regain myself as the rest of the crowd was going wild (no pun intended) singing along to every word. Mike Duda carried most of the high notes in this song. Even though we all have been counseled on the fact that Darrell Roberts can sing, and believe me he can, I still think that Mike Duda is the strength behind the backing vocals in this band. And let's not forget that Stet does a pretty damn good job at backing vocals too! L.O.V.E. Machine followed quickly behind Wild Child. This is a cult classic W.A.S.P. song. If the crowd doesn't sing along to this one at every show, then you are definitely not in Kansas anymore! Blackie didn't even need to sing the chorus. The crowd had it nailed.

Shall we talk about sex now? ( Not that I have been making any references to it at any time throughout this review). What the hell! Let's talk! Or better yet, who talks about sex anymore? Let's get right to it! You know what song is next…Animal (F*ck Like A Beast). What else would there be? Can you say…"And the crowd goes wild!" This time Blackie did not sing the chorus…the crowd did. Since the tour is now over, I guess I don't have to "ruin" what goes on at the end of this song. So I'm going to tell you. Blackie straps on a rather large cod piece and stands before the crowd. Okay, I'm getting a little bit nervous now. The night is not over yet, so I'm still considering myself a virgin, okay? Now, anytime a man over 6 ft. tall straps on something like that in front of a virgin, it creates the anxiety bugs all over again. "Is this going to hurt?" I thought. Yep! Literally! Before I could realize what was going to happen, sparks shot out of this thing between Blackie's legs about 10 ft. off of the stage! If you were close enough you could feel the burn of the sparks bouncing off of your skin! Blackie had to shield his own face with his guitar to protect himself! Was that supposed to be a simulated orgasm? If it was, I was in for a long night!

I was ready for a drink. Or at least a lubricant! That was scary! But you know what? I kind of liked it. Okay, time for me to be let down a little easy. Thank God! I was beginning to get nervous all over again. Strap-ons and shooting sparks? What was next? Sleeping (In The Fire). If there ever was a W.A.S.P. song that I could pick as my favorite one live, this was the one. But not just any version. The Lyceum version, 1984. Chris Holmes and Randy Piper played that solo off of one another back and forth like there was no end in sight! How could that be duplicated? Especially with a new guitarist fresh off the line? Enter Darrell Roberts. He had to carry this solo by himself. There were no other guitarist standing opposite him on stage to volley riffs. Darrell was it. He was all alone. Could he do it? Would the crowd appeal to it? I must say, I started to feel that stinging surge of anticipation again. I winced at the start of his solo because I thought that I would be disappointed and critical. Really. Boy was I surprised! He did it! All alone! Now granted, it was no Lyceum by my terms. Come on, I have to remain somewhat prejudice with my favorite live guitar solo. But Darrell played a damn good solo! He dawned the stage all by himself. A bit of his own time to do his own thing was granted to him by the rest of the band. Bravo, Darrell. You did well.

Now comes the best part of the show. ( This of course is my opinion). My Tortured Eyes. That brilliant piece from KFD. This was Blackie's turn to shine…literally. Imagine the stage going completely black. The only light is on Blackie. He climbs to the top of his creature mic stand and begins to sing the song slow and deep. The rest of the band remains on stage playing the music to the song behind Blackie's vocals. The music they play together is strong and tight. They carry the notes to the song eerily into a monsterous crescendo that sends chills up and down your spine. All you can see is the outlines of their shadows as they move to the music that they are creating before the crowd. Captivating.

The crowd. They stand in awe. They are mesmerized by the presence of the mystery that is now before their very eyes. They sense that something is about to happen. But what? The light that shines on Blackie is a black one. Made to enhance the colors that it captures within. Blackie begins to become more and more physically involved in the words to this song. As he starts to squirm atop the creature mic he is nestled on he begins to glow. Glow? Yeah, very visually intense. He smears a glowing paint all over his body, slowly and evenly until every part of his skin is reflecting the black light to create the most incredible sight. As Blackie continues the song he slowly climbs down from the creature mic and begins to crawl across the stage toward the stunned faces in the crowd. As he nears the edge of the stage two more black lights shine upon him. Only these lights are much more intense. They come from the surface of the stage and create a glowing effect that is 10x that of the effect that was given atop the creature mic. Then it was over. The stage went black again. Totally black.

Was that it? Now that Blackie was covered in paint, was the show over? Not at all. Now I'm not a big fan of cover tunes. I never have liked the idea of trying to readjust my likings to a song that already exists by listening to it being done by another band. Most of the time it is usually a bit "off". It should be. It's a cover! That still doesn't mean I have to like it. The Real Me was next. This is a cover tune. By you know Who! I can't say that I enjoyed it. Again, I'm not a fan of cover tunes. The song was done well by the band live. The crowd seemed to enjoy it. I just couldn't seem to find a comfortable spot within myself to get into the song. Is that wrong of me? If it is, I'm sorry. Remember, I just don't like covers. It has nothing to do with the band personally.

However, I will say this. My negative attitude (if you will) toward The Real Me was lifted a bit when Blackie's creature mic shot those frightening hellacious sparks out of the handle bars horizontally across both sides of the stage about 10-15 ft! That was unreal! I got sparked again, but it was worth it. I was beginning to get used to it. Photo time! Once again it was time to grab as many shots as I could during the next song that allowed photography. Why during the next song? I Wanna Be Somebody, that's why. Blood, water, and towels. Lots of all three! You know the song. So did the entire crowd! It was like sitting around a camp fire during a sing-a-long! Of course, Blackie teased the crowd with the skull. Climbed up on his creature mic and drank away! I had to duck for fear of my camera turning from black to red. Instead, I did. Along with many others near the front. Then came the water, Blackie generously doused the crowd with the cool liquid after receiving their blood bath. At least he was thoughtful enough to toss out a couple of towels. What about the skull? Yeah, that went too. Talk about a frenzy of maniacs trying to get that thing as it sailed over the crowd!

Then the band was gone. Was I still a virgin? Could I go home and brag to all of my friends now? Not quite. There was still one more song. An encore. Yes, an encore! After the crowd chanted "W.A.S.P! W.A.S.P! W.A.S.P! W.A.S.P!" over and over again, they returned to grace the stage. Mike Duda kindly pulled a poster off of one of the speaker stacks that had been hanging up all night throughout the show. It was a poster of Mr. Loser Bin Laden that stated "Wanted….Dead!" Mike held the poster above the crowd at the edge of the stage and awaited their response. After a sea of booing the crowd started to chant in unison "F*ck You! F*ck You! F*ck You! F*ck You!" I must say, it was beautiful. Then Mike let the crowd have their way with the poster…you can use your imagination here.

Okay, the final song. The big finale! Blind In Texas! A good crowd pleaser. Everyone seems to love this song. Is it considered the anthem of W.A.S.P? Some do say. I don't know. Me personally, I don't think it is. But it's a good song. Like I said, it always gets the crowd going. And they were going! Someone asked the question a while ago about who was going to fill the live speaking part in the middle of the song where Chris Holmes always used to step in and say "Hey dude….let's party!" For this evening the choice was obvious! The crowd. But wait, it's not what you may think. The music stopped and Blackie rested his arms across the creature mic. He stared out over the crowd. He just stared. No movement. He just stood there and stared.

The crowd knew what was coming next, or what should have been coming next. But they awaited Blackie's signal. They knew that he was going to have to lead them into what was to come. As Blackie started to draw in a deep breath he began the chant that drove the crowd into oblivion! "U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!" Blackie then leaned into the creature mic and yelled "C'mon, Stet!" Hey, don't ever count the drummer out of anything! Especially not this one! Upon Blackie's command Stet brought the beat strong, hard and loud! That beat carried the crowd through the patriotic chanting fest! Could they be stopped? No way! Talk about unity! It was probably the highlight of the night emotionally for everyone. Very classy for W.A.S.P. to take the time to include this moment into their show. Hats off!

They finished the song with a bang! And yes, that was it. No more. It was over. I was no longer a virgin. How did I feel? Any different? Hell yes! I felt great! Even though I found some blood in places that made me wonder, I was okay. But from what I hear, blood is normal with this kind of an experience, right? I made it through. Even with all of the negative things that I had heard from some people about this first time experience that I was going to have. I was glad to say that it was all positive in my eyes! It didn't even hurt a little. It felt good. Real good. It was everything that I thought it was going to be. But hey, W.A.S.P. are veterans, right? They should know what they are doing. And trust me, they did!

Blackie, even though he scared me a bit with that strap-on at first, did alright throughout the night. Mike Duda. He is a character! Talk about energy! That guy can go all night, and did! Back and forth across the stage. I don't think he ever stopped moving once! Amazing. Darrell Roberts. The new kid on the block. A bit shy at first, but he came around and settled into the groove. He'll be a killer, you wait and see. Stet Howland. Talk about a force of power to be reckoned with! I like a little force every once in a while. C'mon, who doesn't? This man is the backbone of that band. He is an amazing drummer with intense power and speed.

Needless to say, I was a bit winded after my experience. Most people have a smoke after such an exhilarating experience. So naturally, I was prepared with a fresh Cojimar cigar to top off my evening with W.A.S.P. It was the perfect ending to an almost perfect evening (remember, I did gripe about a few things). I looked forward to going home and catching up on some much needed R&R. But first, I wanted clear things up about how some people have been saying that certain people don't like to talk after an experience such as this. W.A.S.P. were kind enough to come out and talk to everyone who stayed around. I know, sometimes this doesn't always seem to happen. But on this night it did. I'm very glad that I did what I did. It was well worth it. And yes, I would gladly do it again!

Yours truly and un-virginley,

Oct 4th - House Of Blues - Hollywood
by Erin a.k.a Sgtgorgeous


Night number two. I'm thinking I'm pretty cool now. I'm no longer a virgin to W.A.S.P. live. I have it all down. I know what to expect. I've "been there and done that"! Not exactly. This night was a little bit different than the night before. It was better! Immediately the atmosphere at the House of Blues set a much different tone and vibe to the night. The venue was just a bit more "alive". After all, this was Hollywood! W.A.S.P. was home! If you have ever been to Hollywood you would understand the "vibe" that it gives off. It's instant. It feels like nothing else. It's just plain Hollywood. The crowd was packed into this legendary hot spot on the infamous Sunset Strip like Cajun sardines. Everywhere you looked you saw old school fans and new fans alike! Some of the old school fans where wearing old classic W.A.S.P. t-shirts that were so worn down that the black coloring had turned to light gray with partial see-thru holes. Awesome!

People were everywhere. Carl the t-shirt guy was tossing out t-shirts left and right (for the right price, of course). The t-shirts were selling quite well. The only shirt that they were sold out of was the Animal….F*ck Like A Beast print. Carlos said that the Animal….t-shirt always sells out on every tour. Hmmm. I wonder why? I thought about some of those old school fans in the crowd with their crippled t-shirts and wondered if they would be buying some new ones before the end of the night. Naaaah! Those old faded rock tees are some of the most prized possessions that a true rocker can have!

I'm not sure if there was a band that played prior to Pissing Razors. I arrived a bit late. Pissing Razors definitely had returned with W.A.S.P. to bring the house down with that raw super strength metal. Again, they sounded pretty good. More people seemed to be into them at The House of Blues than at The Galaxy Theatre the night before in Orange County. Then came that awful wait that you have to suffer through between bands. Trying to find your place in the crowd. Thinking you've found the perfect one when all of a sudden you realize it sucks and you try quickly to move to a better place! This usually happens a lot. W.A.S.P. was up next! Believe it or not, the wait was not that bad. I had a pretty good spot on the V.I.P. balcony for photos. The stage was pretty much ready to go. Just some minor sound checking adjustments and the show was ready to go on!

W.A.S.P. opened the show the same in Hollywood as they did in Santa Ana. However, it was much better! I'll tell you why. Stage size, lighting, and sound! All three of these elements at The House of Blues were a lot more powerful with better quality than they were the night before in Santa Ana. These things can make a huge difference in a show. Especially in photography. My photo quality was a lot better with the shots that I took at The House of Blues simply because the lighting gave a more colorful effect to the pictures. The images looked more like "live" shots. I shot some pics from the balcony and from the stage. Pretty good angles. Some of the photos at The Galaxy Theatre looked like they were taken inside of a dark garage. Still good photos. Just not as colorful as I would have liked.

The crowd. Remember, this was Hollywood. This crowd was very energized! So was the band! Mike Duda was in his true original form. Wild and crazy! And yes, he did flip off the crowd when he first walked out on stage. He does this at every show. It's his "hello" I guess. It was nothing that the crowd took seriously. They loved it! They got pumped! Blackie was his himself. Making eye contact and mouthing words to the crowd so fast that I could not make out what he was saying. It was nothing negative. It was just him talking back to the crowd as they gave W.A.S.P. their undivided attention. Darrell Roberts was in good form. Very energetic, yet disciplined in his demeanor. You could see he was relaxing more and more with W.A.S.P. on stage. Stet Howland. Always powerful and always energetic, much like Mike. Only Stet can't get up and run around on stage. He focuses all of his energy into his drumming. Can't you tell?

The sound. Very, very good. All of the songs sounded great! There was however, one little problem. Stet sings backing vocals just like Mike and Darrell. He has a great voice with the ability to carry some of the higher notes in most of the songs live. Most of the time he uses a head-set mic to sing with. For some reason his head-set did not want to stay on. Stet is pretty physical behind the drum set. He plays with a lot of power. You might think that it is his strength and powerful movements that would cause his head-set to keep falling off. Not really. It should stay on. It has stayed on…many times in the past with his playing style. Sometimes I guess these things just happen. Lorenzo, the stage/production manager was doing everything in his power to keep Stet's head-set on. One moment it would stay and the next it would fall off. Stet was not amused to say the least. But the show went on!. Stet kept playing throughout the whole drama of the "head-set" incident and never once missed a beat.

The set list in Hollywood was the same as that in Santa Ana with the exception of one omitted song…I Wanna Be Somebody. I don't know why this was not included in the set list. I was expecting to shoot some more film during this song and was disappointed when it was not included. What about the blood? It was included in the encore with Blind In Texas. Again, I don't know why the sudden change of plan, but oh well. The show was still as spectacular in Hollywood as it was in Santa Ana. I still thought that the best part of the show was My Tortured Eyes. There was no poster of Loser Bin Laden this time (the one the night before had been turned into confetti by the crowd). There were however, two flag posters hanging from the front of Stet's drum set that read "United We Stand". Mike took one of these posters and held it above his head at the end of the show and walked across the stage. Of course the crowd went nuts with patriotism!

The "U.S.A! U.S.A!" chant was still included in the middle of Blind In Texas. This was once again a big moment of unity for everyone who had been affected by our Nation's tragedy. The show ended almost as quickly as it started. Time flies when you having fun! Again the band came out to greet all of their guests after the show. However, security was a lot more restricted in Hollywood than it was in Santa Ana! If you didn't have a pass…you didn't have a chance!

There were a lot of guests for the after show party. Even Paul Gargano, Senior Editor for Metal Edge Magazine was there gossiping with the likes of a lot of people I didn't even recognize. Most of the guests were friends of the band with a few "biz" buds thrown in for fun. I had the opportunity to meet a fascinating and very nice man…..the one and only master-mind who was responsible for designing and building Blackie's creature mic stand! Let's talk about that mic stand for a second. I can't begin to tell you how many horror stories I had heard from the crew re: this thing! Evidently this mci stand has almost taken the lives of several people who are responsible for it on a daily basis. Crew members had complained of dozens of pairs of pants and shirts being ripped apart by this thing. Remember Carl the t-shirt guy? He showed me a bloody scar that ran from his naval all the way up to his arm pit from this creature mic "attacking" him one night. Ahh, the stories that the road can tell!

The back stage/V.I.P. area of The House of Blues was beautiful. It's a place called The Foundation Room. Very elegant. The after show lasted until everyone was kicked out around 2:00 a.m. Everyone including the band! It was a very interesting evening with lots of entertaining values from start to finish. It's sad to think that the Unholy Terror Tour is now over. No more shows, at least not for now. I would however, like to pay a bit of gratitude to those people who are rarely mentioned on a tour…the crew! They are the ones that keep the wheels turning. They make it all happen and keep happening! I'd like to tip my hat to Carl Acampora for bustin' out those "Teeeeeeeee Shiiiiiiiiirts!!!!" and working hard under many hats as a guitar tech and wardrobe manager. You're very cool, Carl! Who could forget Lorenzo "Zo" Del Vecio the Production Manager. Hell, he looked like the "everything" manager to me! Lorenzo worked his butt off constantly from start to finish every night! Great guy, too! Thanks for the guitar pics, Zo! And last but not least….Dan Biechele theTour Manager. Talk about a rough job! I know exactly what that man has to go through on a daily basis! Big hats off to you Dan! You are one hard working man! You deserve every one of those torpedo cigars my friend…enjoy! And to the rest of the crew that was not mentioned, you all did a fantastic job! I'd also like to take a moment to thank everyone at Chipster Entertainment. Especially Jen and Bret for being so helpful and considerate in what you do. Keep it up!

In closing. There has been a lot of controversy about the Unholy Terror Tour with many W.A.S.P. fans. Lots of people have voiced complaints about the choice of songs in the set lists. Many people wanted to hear more of the new material. After all, this was called the Unholy Terror Tour, right? Right. But there are reasons I am sure for why the songs that were chosen were placed on the tour. Maybe there will be more songs from Unholy Terror on the next round. There have also been complaints (many complaints) about Blackie not socializing with the fans enough after the shows. Many people have asked the question as to why he chooses not to be as social as some of the other members. Who knows why? Some people have accused Blackie of not appreciating his fans because of this. Do you think he would still be out there doing what he has been doing for decades if he didn't appreciate and care about his fans? Think about that. I think he cares.

What about Mike Duda flipping off the crowd and spitting all over everyone? This one has been brewing wrong with a lot of people for the most of the tour. Again, I will say that I think it is just Mike's way of being Mike. This is rock and roll! Are you really that surprised when you see someone giving you the finger and spitting at a gritty rock and roll show? No matter if it's someone on stage or someone in the crowd. Especially when it's all in a good night's fun? Hell, I can't tell you how many times Al Jourgensen (Ministry) spit all over me in the pit at the Lollapallooza II show in Irvine, California years ago! I didn't get upset. It was expected. Moving right along…let us not forget Chris Holmes. The W.A.S.P. Nation family took a pretty hard hit when we lost this long time friend. But I think we have gained someone real promising in Darrell Roberts. Give him a chance. And let's not forget Stet. I don't think that I have read or heard one negative thing about him at all throughout this entire tour! Many people have had nothing but great things to say about his sense of humor and willingness to spend true quality time with the fans before and after the shows! How can you top that?

Well folks, that seems to be about it for the reviews of my experiences with W.A.S.P. I hope I was able to give some visual insight to those people who never had a chance to catch the band on tour this time around. I hope that I didn't take up too much of anyone's time having to read these novelistic reviews! I told you I was going to be detailed! With all of the varying opinions by the fans that have surfaced throughout this tour both positive and negative, I believe for the most part that everyone has had good times with good memories. Until next time….until next tour…

Yours truly,

Oct 4th - House Of Blues -Hollywood
by Stephan Wendal

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