U.S Tour Pics/Reviews 2000
Fans pics, review stories from the Helldorado Tour 2001

Review of Houston, Texas Show
2/April/00 By Angel J

I have to start out by saying that this is the first time in my life to ever get the chance to see THE BEST band in the entire world. I have been a devoted fan since the very beginning, and it has always been my dream to one day be able to see them in person. Well, that day has finally arrived! I had the time of my life, and will never forget it. This band blows me away. And now, one week later, I am just beginning to get my voice back again. I won't include the set list, because it is about the same as all the other shows. And to be honest, I wasn't taking notes. LOL!

We left home around 3:00 Sunday afternoon, it took a little over an hour to get there, due to the hard rain we were having that day. We were told when we bought our tickets earlier that week that W.A.S.P were going to do a record signing at a local record store at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. We wanted to get there early and be one of the first in line. By the time we arrived, I was handed a ticket with the #38 on it noting my place in line. I was a little disappointed at first thinking this was far down the line until one of the workers at the store told us that they had nearly 200 people by the end of the signing. The band didn't get there until almost 6:00. It was raining off and on all day, and our pants and shoes were soaked. Needless to say, I caught me one bad ass W.A.S.P cold. Hey, I was proud of every sneeze I had this week!!! The crowd was getting all pissy about having to wait so long. I just kept smiling and waiting patiently, because I didn't want this day to ever end. We finally got in and took some pictures of all 4 members, and got them to sign everything we had. It was THE coolest moment of my life seeing all the guys sitting there. After we were done, we headed straight for Bahama Mama's, hoping to get a good place in line. We did very good here, way closer than at the signing. The doors were supposed to open at 7:00, and yes, we had to wait another hour and a half to get in. The club manager lost a lot of drink sales here let me tell you. LOL

Finally, we were let in. The security guy there said, "no cameras at all" to the crowd, and when I got up there he asked me if what I was carrying had a camera in it. I said "no sir", but he knew better since it was a camera bag, duh! He looked at us for a sec and shook his head, smiled and said, "Get in here". We went strait to the front. Then the show began, the first band was one called Mystic Cross, and they were great. We also got pics of them when they were done. Finally W.A.S.P!!! I was having major heart thumping by this time. They were great, absolutely a killer show. We had some trouble at first trying to take some pictures, but I was determined to get some, so I told the bouncer there that we were with W.A.S.P. Nation, and was covering the show. Dummy bought it and said, "Oh, ok". Damn crazy Texans. Forgive me Nation, but it was the only thing that came to mind at the time. LOL!!!

Anyway, we got off with some killer items to bring back to my never-ending collection. Two picks each from Blackie, Chris and Mike. A beat up drumstick from Stet, 3 backstage passes, and one coveted bloody skull!!! (We got that after the show, LOL) Also, 3 different t-shirts from some guy in the audience. WOW!!! I WILL BE AT THE NEXT ONE WHEN THEY COME AGAIN! :) Angel J



Thanks Angel!

Review of House of Blues Show, Chicago
31/Mar/00 By
Kurt Schneider

Packed House ... Which was great....Played about 75 Minutes and this set list from what I remember.... Was a great concert and they sounded tighter than ever -- too bad that they don't play longer... They have plenty of other tunes that would just make the show complete (On your knees, Headless Children, Forever Free, Still Not Black Enough, Black Forever, KFD and Ballcrusher just to name a few they could add).... Sleeping in the Fire was a great treat (have not heard that for awhile)... You know - SNBE is one of my all time favorite disks and they NEVER play any of it live..... Got a Chris Holmes Guitar Pick and the Black Microphone Cover thrown out by Duda... Cool Ass Rock n Roll Party!!!!!


1. Medley: Helldorado, Inside the Electric Circus, Chainsaw Charlie
2. Wild Child
3. LOVE Machine
4. Animal
5. Sleeping in the Fire
6. Damnation Angels
7. Dirty Balls
8. Real Me
9. I Wanna be Somebody
10. Blind in Texas

Thanks Kurt!!

Show in Texas at LIQUID 2000 on March 29 2000
by Andy Gonzales

I was lucky enough to attend the W.A.S.P. concert that was in Lubbock on March 29th. I was able to go backstage and meet Blackie, Stet, and Mike. The show was great as your other review stated.It was my first time seeing the band perform and I was so happy I couldn't put it into words. Blackie wasn't in a mood after the concert to meet anyone but agreed when he was told that me and another guy Jason were Nation members. You've met Blackie before so you know exactly what I went through...he's awesome. How do you put into words to tell him how much his music has touched your soul and that through his music you are a part of him just as he is in a way a part of you. I did the best I could and was able to take a picture with just him and then with the band. (Chris was out getting drunk or getting laid.) When they took my picture of just me and him I said,"me and my idol" right before they snapped the picture. It was a humbling experience to have two of your dreams come true in the same night--to see W.A.S.P. perform and then to meet Blackie.

Stay black forever...Andy B. Gonzales


Thanks Andy!

Show in Texas at LIQUID 2000 on March 29 2000
by Bruce Barlow

Went to see Blackie and the boys in Lubbuck , Texas at LIQUID 2000 on March 29 2000. We arrived early and they would not let us in due to the band in them middle of sound check. We walked around back and were headed to another bar across the street. As we were walking we could hear them practicing WILD CHILD. The back door was open so we stood out back of the club and waited. Soon Blackie came out and we asked for a picture. He said sure no problem. We talked to him so a few minutes and told him thanks. Then Chris came out and we got a picture with him also. About an hour later we went into LIQUID 2000 and Chris was at the bar. We got our tickets autographed. They were way cool. The show kicked ass. We got some guitar picks during the show.The line up pretty much is the same where ever they go. They only played 1 hour and 15 Minutes. The show was great. Catch it if you can. Here are some pictures. I will remember this night for the rest of my life. It was awesome to meet them and hear them play. I have been a fan since 1983 and have never had a chance to see them. I live in Odessa, Texas and I had to travel 2 1/2 hours `n to see them. It was well worth it.

Thanks, Your W.A.S.P. Bud,
Bruce Barlow
Odessa, Texas



Thanks Bruce!

Here's a cool pic of Mark Butler & Chris at the Buffalo Rose
show in Denver on 25 March 2000

Thanks Mark!

Show in Lincoln, Nebraska at Royal Grove on
March 24 2000 by BRETT HOUCK

Drove four to see the show in Lincoln.Nebraska and it was awsome.Met both Blackie and Chris and as nice as can be. They both let me take their pictures and I got their autographs.Blackie exploding crotch shot sparks all over me and the people behind me(I was front row of course).When he drank the blood I got his blood soaked towel(It tasted like suger water and was sticky).I also received two guitar picks from Blackie and a set of used strings from Chris.During Fuck like a beast they played porn movies on the monitors which was cool.The show was the best concert I've been too.

SEE You Later,bretthouck@hotmail.com. P.S. A bar in Texas cancelled their W.A.S.P show because on of the owners thought W.A.S.P was Satanic.(It is amazing how stupid people are).

Click here to see Brett's cool pics like this one:




Thanks Brett!

This review was sent to us by Kevin Mitchell
Of the Michigan, Detroit show at State Theater on 17/Mar/00

I attended the W.A.S.P. show in Detroit on 3/17. What a fantastic show. Everyone knows the setlist by now, so I won't repeat that. There were, however, a few disappointments. The first being the lack of ANY pyro! No burning sign and no exploding codpiece. I have to think that the venue, the State Theater, has a no pyro policy because I have seen other bands perform there without using their pyrotechnics as well. My only other complaint was that they didn't do "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" in the encore, they just went straight into "Blind in Texas". I would have also liked to hear something off of KFD, but since I saw that tour as well I won't complain too much about that.

A funny thing happened during BIT. When it came time for Chris to do his "Hey dude, lets party!" bit, instead he said "Hey Detroit, what the fuck?!?!" Also, during "Damnation Angels" there were some technical difficulties with Blackie's guitar. In fact, he left the stage during Chris' solo and could be seen tearing into somebody about it. I would not have wanted to be Blackie's guitar tech at this moment! However, despite the difficulties this song sounded amazing and is still one of my favorites off of "Helldorado".

I was right down in front for the entire show, and let me tell you, us diehards were going ballistic! I started to feel my voice going halfway through "Animal" and it is still a bit raw. I was also lucky enough to catch not only Blackie's guitar pick, but his towel as well! Both are fine additions to my rock n roll memorabilia collection!!! I left the show exhausted, yet satisfied. I just may have to catch another show on this tour. Hey guys, if you read this, announce some more Michigan dates!

Kevin Mitchell

Thanks Kevin!!

This review was sent to us by Diane
Of the Michigan, Detroit show at State Theater on 17/Mar/00

The guys were FANTASTIC! I have been a devoted fan since I first saw them in 1985 when they opened for KISS in St. Louis, MO. They have been my one and only since then. You don't need another playlist of the shows I'm sure they very a little but not by much.

Once we got through the three bands that opened for them, ( I thought they would never stop) and I heard the opening intro tape for Helldorado, I left my seat and headed for the main stage area where I remained for the next hour and a half. My only regret is that I didn't take a camera. I never thought that I would ever be that close to the stage. Blackie gave us everything we wanted and more. Chris was as wild as ever! And I have earned even more respect for Stet and Mike.

One of the highlights for me was getting my hands on the water bottle that Blackie threw into the crowd. It landed right at my feet. I thought OH MY GOD! Bent down to pick it up and some big ox in front of me put his foot on my hand and we started fighting for the bottle, until he said Do you really want this thing? I'm like, NO, I JUST LET YOU STEP ON MY HAND FOR NOTHING!!! And he gave the bottle up. I have it sitting on my computer desk as we speak and my brother, (who went with me) teases me and says that he will find a display case for it!

Be assured that Blackie and the guys are in top shape (physically and musically.) If anyone has any doubt just go to the show in your area. You will not be disappointed!


Thanks Diane!!

Thursday March 16, 2000 Cleveland, Ohio Odeon Concert Club
by Tim Meredyk

We pulled into the Flats in Cleveland at about 4:30 p.m. Guess who I see walking down the sidewalk, Chris Holmes!!!! "Stop the car!" is what I said to my girlfriend. And imagine what I did next. You guessed it, My friend Amos and I jumped out of the car and followed Chris into a hardware store. We took some photos and then went outside. He said he loved the snow because he never gets to see it in California. Chris and I talked about drag racing. He told me about a time in LA when he was doing a little drag racing of his own. He showed me some of his tattoos, and I showed him the W.A.S.P. logo tattoo on my arm- he loved it! We were bullshitting and having a hell of a good time! I told Chris that I had waited 16 years for this moment and he was so modest he said "Man, I'm only a guitar player". Then I said, "Fuck no your not, you're Chris Holmes!" We talked a little while longer and Chris said he had to get in to do sound check. Me, my girlfriend, my friend Amos and his wife went to get a place in line but the funny thing was that we were the first in line because we were three hours early. I caught Mike outside before sound check and got a picture and talked briefly. Stet went inside before I could say anything to him. A van pulled up in the middle of the street and out jumps Blackie and ran into a door on the side of the building. Everyone was disappointed that he had nothing to say. After sound check, Blackie was the only one to exit the building and again, he made a mad dash; this time, to the van. And away he went.. The doors opened at 8:00 p.m. and immediately we went in and went upstairs to the balcony. During the fourth opening act I turned around and guess who was there-Chris again! We watched the fourth opening act and he borrowed another cigarette. Chris stuck around for a few more minutes, but had to get backstage to get ready because they were to go on in twenty minutes. I'm not going to get into reviewing the show because there have been so many already, but I will say flash bombs, sparks, and blood made the show only a W.A.S.P. show! It was the BEST FUCKING SHOW I have ever witnessed!!!! After the show they took everybody with passes up to the balcony and Chris was the first to come out. I congratulated him and we talked for a little bit. I had him sign a couple things and got a couple pictures. Stet showed up and we talked. I got a picture and autographs from him also. Then I was taken backstage to meet Blackie, but on the way there I passed Mike and he said he'll be up in the balcony when I got done. Blackie couldn't really talk because his throat was bothering him, but I got pictures and autographs. Blackie noticed my W.A.S.P. tattoo on my arm and told me, "Take a picture of that and send it to the W.A.S.PNATION, I'm serious." Blackie and I briefly talked and then I went to find Mike. I went back to the balcony and asked Mike for autographs and photos and I got one serious and one not so serious photo-it was fun though! I then bid everyone farewell, wished them good luck, and thanked them. All I want to say is that day was a highlight in my life! To Mike and Stet: Thanks for being so funny and just all around nice guys. To Blackie: Thanks for being yourself, I can really appreciate that. To Chris: Thanks for taking the time to talk and spend time with one of your biggest fans and for that I am giving you a big "FUCK OFF" and Thanx!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

Guys! The Rock Rolls Forever On..... Tim Meredyk



Thanks Tim!


These pics were taken at Jaxx in Sprinfield, VA on March 10th 2000

Thanks Edgar!!

This montage of pics were sent to us by Rass
from the Sanford Show in Maine 5/Mar/00....

....and heres his review of the show:

Blackie and the boys came on with full guns !! They kicked the shit out of a great selection of W.A.S.P. `s catalog !! And sounded very tight - I was right up front and lovin it !! Some special effects were involved - pyro`s - Blackie`s crotch sparkler - And the traditional Blood drinkin` - 2 fisted even!

They sounded great !! "Sleeping in the fire" Love that one - was awesome - We were lucky enough to meet Mike Duda - while strolling - low key - He was very cool - and polite ! Mike took a spill onstage during the show running around - his hand was bleeding - and he bumped his head - But continued to play the show ! Wahooo Mike !! Blackie , Chris , Mike & Stet - give ya a show definately worth seeing !! Get out there and see the mayhem - W.A.S.P. - Helldorado 2000 Kicks Ass !!!!!!! Rass

Thanks Rass!

This review was sent to us by Kevin Begen
of the New York show at Mulcahy's on 4/Mar/00

As W.A.S.P.arrived in New York tonight. My ears are still ringing from the show. Anyway, I thought that they put on a GREAT show. Not as good as their Meadowlands show 2 years ago. Still, it was worth the wait. Here was their tracklist.

1. Medley: Helldorado, Inside the Electric Circus, Chainsaw Charlie

You knew that they had to change the original medley (On Your Knees/I Don't Need No Doctor/Hellion/Chainsaw Charlie) at some point. I heard that they were using Electric circus, but did not beieve it. Helldorado came out great live, better than I imagined. Chainsaw Charlie also sounded great. One thing that they added to the show was monitors. Not quite the same as dusing the KFD tour. During the show, they played videos from the band. During Chainsaw Charlie, they showed clips of Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Leatherface running around. Got a few good laughs from some fans around me.

2. Wild Child - 3. LOVE Machine

Not much to say about these 2 songs. The band did a good job with them. The fans were really into it.

4. Animal

Right before the song, he talked about the inspiration behind the song. He had only the first line written. The band was still playing in clubs, mainly the Troubadour in L.A. He allowed an unknown comedian to perform before them. This unknown talked about having to fuck his beast of a wife. The comic was Sam Kinison. Big response from everyone at that.

5. Sleeping in the Fire

During the solo, Blackie left the stage. Just his way of giving Chris the spotlight.

6. Damnation Angels

At this point, the sound system started to sound muffled. I don't know if it was the ringing in my ears or what. I was having a little difficulty hearing Blackie onstage for most of the night afterwards. Anyway, good song.

7. Dirty Balls

I heard that Blackie was kicking soccer balls duing this song on their European tour. Did not happen this time. I don't think anyone was too upset over that. we were too busy singing along.

8. Real Me

Blackie removed the guitar for this one. While the song was going on, he was "riding" his mike stand. I thought that he was going to launch himself onto our laps.

9. I Wanna be Somebody

Blackie did this song a little bit differently. He did not do the usual dividing up the audience like he has done in the past. He just had the entire audience yell out the chords to him. At the very end, he drank blood from 2 SKULLS (not just 1 this time) and threw one out to the crowd. Remember the monitors that I mentioned earlier. After W.A.S.P. left, they showed clips from when Chris Holmes was in that movie Decline of Western Civilization II. Everyone cheered when Chris started guzzling the bottle of whatever it was and fell into the pool. i still do not know how he kept from drowning.

10. Encore

Blind in Texas - This is the first show that i have seen them do an encore. Only one song though, and a good one. Chris threw his towel at the crowd (guy next to me caught it). Great ending to the show.

Anyway, that is my little review on their show. I am sure that I have left some things out. If so, let me know. Take care.

Kevin B.

Thanks Kevin!!!

Below Pics were taking by Hister from the Birch Hill Show,
New Jersey 3/Mar/00.....

........For more cool pics from this show click here:
W.A.S.P, New Jersey 3/3/00

Thanks Hister!!!


Review of Birch Hill Show, New Jersey 3/Mar/00
By Jim

I called the Birchill Night club around 8 PM to find out what time W.A.S.P was going on stage and they told me midnight (they actually went on at 12:30AM). So, my buddy I was going to the show with & me decided to hang out at his apartment and drink a couple of beers before we jumped in my car and hit the highway. There were 3 bands opening for W.A.S.P and we didn't want to get tired standing up for a few hours before W.A.S.P came on listening to bands we didn't care for. So after watching Videos in the raw to get psyched up, we left for the show around 10:15 PM blasting KFD and we were down at the Birchill around 11 PM (my friend lives about 30 min. from the venue). Now I have seen many shows at the Birchill and I have never seen the parking lots (there are 3 lots and I had to park in the furthest) this fucking full!!! As we got to the door I said to the dude checking ID's (it was 18 to enter, 21 to drink), "Dude, is it going to be packed tonight?" And he goes, "Oh, yeah!!! We are expecting 1,400 people." The Birchill holds 1,500 for concerts. This kind of suprised me because I saw Quiet Riot here a couple of weeks ago and they had a decent turnout (around 800 people). My point, QR has been featured on a couple of VH-1 specials and W.A.S.P hasn't been featured on shit (why I don't know). My buddy & me thought, W.A.S.P's underground following is bigger than we thought. My buddy is about 7 years older than me and he saw W.A.S.P on their '86 Electric Circus tour w/Slayer so he knows W.A.S.P pretty well. Once inside it was fucking packed!!! We got a couple of beers and then hit the GA floor area and we stood dead center against the soundboard (I was guess 7-10 rows back at an arena show). The last opening band was still on and part of W.A.S.Ps show was covered (the drum set area) with a sheet. The W.A.S.P drum set was set up in kind of a risen fashion!!! By the way, the drum set for the openers was in the corner of the stage!!! After the last opener was finished (around 11:40 PM), a screen came down and showed old '80s metal videos. Then it happened the lights went down at 12:30 AM and an organ intro precedded the band and smoke started rising from the center microphone. The chants started also, "W.A.S.P, W.A.S.P, W.A.S.P," and then "Blackie, Blackie, Blackie!!!!!" I was like fuck YES!!!!!! By now, the "Drive By" intro. was playing.

The boys hit the stage with Blackie carrying a torch and he lit up the silver W.A.S.P logo in front of the drum set!!!! My buddy & me were like fuck!!!! The logo was very reminiscent of the one in the Wild Child video. After the flames went down the boys launched into Helldorado and this song kicked major ass!!!! They were going nuts and Holmes was running all over the stage. The band was very tight sounding for the whole show. Blackie was wearing a Helldorado t-shirt with the black vinyl arm sleeves and the rest of the band was clad in black vinyl outfits also. Holmes had black eyemakeup and Duda had purple streaks in his hair. Duda also was doing a cool Gene Simmons impression by sticking his tongue during the show. Duda was also giving the crowd the finger (not in a negative way, more to get the crowd going). Duda if you are reading, drop doing that because some people might get the wrong impression & we are supporting you dude!!!! Unfortunately, Blackie had almost no facial makeup, which sucked because I liked the KFD makeup he wore (my friend refers to that as the circus clown makeup). Blackie had his custom handle bar mikestand with a skull attached and the skulls eyes litup in red!!!
Next up was "Inside the Electric Circus/Chainsaw Charlie," which were kind of in a medley vein but played much longer than the medley versions found on DLA (I don't need doctor was dropped in favor of ITEC). Also, more of Chainsaw Charlie was played than on DLA, but they still don't play the part when Blackie says, "I am cocksucking asshole, etc." Now W.A.S.P also had TV monitors stacked on both sides of the stage and during Chainsaw Charlie there were clips of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie show being shown, really cool!!! The monitors also showed videos of songs that had accompanying videos. They also showed porno scenes during Animal & Dirty Balls, which was cool. I guess W.A.S.P was still promoting Helldorado as there was a Helldorado banner towards the bottom of the drumset. Flashbombs followed Chainsaw Charlie.

Blackie then said "How the fuck are you NJ? Its Friday night go fucking nuts!!!" And boom right into "Wild Child!!" "Love Machine" followed (with Blackie fucking his mikestand) and then I believe "Animal." I don't remember the exact order, but I do remember all the songs. Before "Animal" Blackie mentioned to the crowd that back in '83 he had the opening line of "Animal" written ("I have pictures of naked ladies") before Animal was fully developed. He then said W.A.S.P was playing the troubadour in LA when the manager wanted a comedian to open for W.A.S.P & wanted to know if they would mind giving this comedian a break. Blackie said no problem and watched this comedian & during the comedian's set he referred to his wife as a beast and said he was going to fuck her like a beast later on that night. Blackie then said bang, I have a song and thanked the late Sam Kinison. I had never heard this story and I wasn't sure if others had either.

Next up was a pair of Helldorado songs, "Damnation Angels," & "Dirty Balls." Both songs sounded great and DA was a great call as that is one of Blackie's best written songs. One of the best theatrics then took place after DB as sparks started flying into the crowd from Blackies codpiece!!! The crowd was kind of into those songs, but obviously not as much as the classics. One thing that Blackie was dead on about was referring Helldorado as an album that could be transformed on stage smoothly and he was absoultely right. All 3 Helldorado songs sounded great!!! Next up was "Sleeping in the Fire," which was a crowd pleaser though not a personal favorite of yours truly. I'm not a big fan of ballads, but it just depends on which one (I love "Hold on to my heart" and would have loved to have heard that one).

Next up was the "Real Me" and let me tell you this is where Blackie earns his stripes of being one of rocks great frontmen. He didn't even play guitar on this song, he was on top of his mikestand and using hand motions when singing the lyrics. You have to see the man perform this song to understand where I am coming from.

The last song of the regular set was "I wanna be somebody," & the crowd just went fucking nuts. A mosh pit even formed!!! Blackie & Holmes were smiling when this happened. Now at the end of the song is what I came for!!!! Blackie emerged from the side of the stage with two skulls full of "blood" ready to be drank!!!! I WAS going to leave with one of those. After drinking the blood and making himself all sloppy, Blackie threw out one of the skulls and I swear it was heading right towards me!!!!!! I was taken aback and it bounced off a few hands on its way to me (changing its direction) and then bounced off this dudes shoulder next to me, hit the floor and rolled to somebody behind the soundboard. I couldn't fucking believe it and I was crushed!!! I just missed getting that fucker!!! I don't think Blackie threw the other one out, though my friend and I were concentrating on the one I just missed getting. Oh fuck, the boys then said goodnight and left the stage. But the crowd wasn't going anywhere as we demanded encores. I forgot to mention that Flashbombs followed I wanna be somebody.

For the encores, me and my buddy headed right for the front and we were like second row in front of Blackie (good move because of how the encores ended). The boys came out and Blackie said, "You don't want to go home yet, do you?" We were like fuck no!!!! Blackie then mentioned the Best of coming out on March 20th and mentioned the first sinlge, which they then launched into, "Saturday night is for fighting." Now I never liked this song as I always hated Elton John, but I have to say that Blackie & company really put balls to it and it sounded really good. And the crowd was into it as well. The last song was Blind in Texas and again the crowd was really into it. I think Chris forgot what state he was in because when he was ready to say, "NJ lets party!!!" He kind of paused and said "Hey dude, lets party." No big deal and the screens showed Holmes' classic footage during the Decline of West Civ.II & the BIT video during the song. Then Blackie finished the night by the throwing feathers from two pillows on the crowd and it was good that me and my buddy moved up because not many feathers got past us. When the feathers had fallen the band was off the stage and the show was unfortunately over.

Now my buddy & myself got a couple of beers before the ride home & hung out trying to find guitar picks. I asked the road crew for some but they said no way. The band did throw many picks out during the show so be alert and get up close.

As far as merchandise being sold at the table, there were a bunch of t-shirts including Blind in Texas, Headless, Idol, Blackie artwork, & most with the same backing (W.A.S.P sawblade with world domination nation written around it). The t-shirts were $20, which wasn't too bad and I bought a shirt that featured an image of Blackie from the first album holding two skulls with the Live in Raw logo above Blackie. Also being sold was the baseball, football, hockey jerseys for $75 each. My friend almost bought a baseball one, but was a bit out of his price range. There were no tourbooks and I was hoping they might be selling the Best Of CD at their shows exclusively before it hit stores but they weren't.

On a scale of A to F, I would have to give this show an A as Blackie did what he claimed; give the fans bang for their buck. As I mentioned earlier, the band was very tight and this is probably the best W.A.S.P lineup musically since Tony & Randy were in the band.

Also, let me know what you think as I would love to hear what is on peoples minds. I hope I have provided a review, which you found worth your time to read and I hope W.A.S.P fans around the world have the opportunity to catch this tour. Again here is the set list from the NJ show (3/3/00), though it might not be in exact order. Start time: 12:30am, Approx. end time: 1:40am. Set list; Helldorado (seemed like full version), Inside Electric Circus (almost full version), Chainsaw Charlie (not full version), Wild Child, Love Machine, Animal, Dirty Balls, Damnation Angels, Sleeping in the fire, The Real Me, I wanna be somebody, Encores; Saturday Night is all right for fighting, Blind in Texas

By the way I had no problems with the set list. Songs I would like to hear live include; BAD, Black Forever, KFD, Dokkter Rockter, Thunderhead.

Thanks Jim!!!

This is the set list sent to us by Mike Horn
From the opening show on 02/Mar/00 at Tinks - Scranton - PA


Thanks Mike!!

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