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Name: Daryl Sandlin
From: San Francisco

Well, I have a couple of W.A.S.P. stories, but I'd like to write about my best one. It was last year on Oct. 5th. W.A.S.P. played The Maritime Hall in San Francisco & it ws the best show I've ever seen, being my 3rd time seeing W.A.S.P. My buddy & I were in the front row ( as always when seeing Blackie) right against the front railing. Although we were getting crushed big time, being right in front of Blackie is the ultimate W.A.S.P. experience. His stage presence is unmatched by anyone else in music to me. I have to thank the security guard, because my glasses came off 3 times, & he was nice enough to get them from me everytime.

The highlight was during "My Tortured Eyes", as Blackie was covered in whatever it was that made him turn green with the blacklights hitting him, & the emotion he gave was overwhelming, & downright mesmerizing!!

My buddy & I, being W.A.S.P. fans since the beginning, were exhausted & drenched in sweat with the biggest smiles on our faces we had in a long time!! I sure hope Blackie comes back to the Bay Area again on this upcoming tour, as he & I are foaming at the mouth for another mind-blowing W.A.S.P. show!!

Thank you Blackie, for the music & the vision!!
Daryl S.

Waspnation member always!!!

Name: Christer Viinamaki
From: Sweden

Hi! Christer Viinamäki from Sandviken Sweden here!

I start right after the great gig in Stockholm, Helldorado tour-1999 Jonny came and brought me and my wife (Tim) and two other guys downstairs (they was drunk). We waited for a while then the door openend and Mr Holmes camed out and said hallo to us, then he moved on. Then he came back with a big can of wather and he went into the dressingroom door. (The label on the door it stood "WASP dressingroom" and under it it was lots of skulls ).

We stod there and waited for a while and the other two guys was singing some line on FOREVER FREE, and it reminded me on the gig in Sthlm (89&Headless). I smiled at them, i think they only knewd that song. They asked me how i could have a backstagepass! I told them that in the Live Assassin album it was a WASP nation fan club membership. They didn't know about it so they din't have that album!!

It was some slamming and noice from the stairs at the other door, it was two stairs so you could go around somway and Pink showed up,the singer from Get Animal. He stoped and talked for awhile and he asked for way out. ("He had no control") use the stairs down and he left. Four minutes later the same noice came again,from same stairs just for a while ago, it was Him again. He had walked around this place just like a merry go round.

A few minutes later Jonny came out from that skull door. -Only WASP nation member he said! the guys said something....... Jonny again: - Blackie said only WASP nation. I walked in with my wife with a smile, sorry guys! (i did the right thing to send that 50 us dollar check to WASP Nation)

This was a big moment for me now, i had some small shaking ( it felt like a few days of alcohol ) Belive me i was nervous (how is my english now). Suddenly i wasn't shaking no more, i was cool. Blackie came and said hi!, we talked for a while then i went to the other guys for a hand shake and talked for a while, stod and talked with Blackie again and Cris enter to us with a silverplate of pizza and beers. Because i was driving i didn't drank any beer! ( I hope it was OK Cris ) But i toke the Pizza slice, the best F*****G pizza slice i ever have eat.

I talked for a while with the band then they had to leave. I asked Blackie for the gig next day if i could met the guys again. - OK he said! I shaked hand to all again and we went to the car, going home. I had a big smile and we stoped at a gas station nera Arlanda int airport for a cup of coffe and the guy who worked there saw my WASP shirt!

He said!
-Did they played C C Charlie?
-Yes!, third song in a medley i replyed.
-Cool! i'm working and i missed the gig,he said.
I was thinking: F**k the work when WASP are on the road here!

I F****D my work next day! I had a gig to see that day! I called my boss, told him i have slept for 3 hrs have been to Rock n roll.

Later i went to Gävle (20 min) for the gig, i saw Stet, we talked for a while. He asked me to come in. I walked in talking to the drumset, talked for a while. then i stood on the stage in front of Blackies mic!! Then Jonny came agian from last night! WOW! WASP nation he said and pointed to my nation pass.

The gig started and finished.( no coments, they are professional )

Waited for a while , was talking to a guy from Sundsvall who's a platium member to. We meet the band, second time for me in two days. Stet gave me an drum stick, three songs was played with it, Hellion,Doctor & Blind in Texas. The band signed my jeans jacket on the back and a note from all to.

Blackie wrote:


Thanks guys! this is a memory forever.


Name: Jonathan Tait
From: Scotland, U.K.

HI my best WASP story involves the first live WASP experience I had.

I travelled down from Scotland to see them on the Helldorado tour in 99 at the LA2 in London. I was really excited, I was too young to get in for the Crimson Idol Tour and the gig got cancelled for the KFD tour, so this was to be my first live WASP show, even though I had been a fan for years. I met a bunch of Scottish guys, teamed up with them in the gig, had a brilliant time and I thought that it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.

However on the way home I was picked up by the lovely London Police. Apparantly there was a riot around the corner from the gig and I was being picked up for it. I thought it was just because I had a WASP t-shirt on and ripped jeans and I thought that they were being really unfair and couldn't understand why they were questioning me, until I looked in the mirror. My hair and face was caked with fake blood from Blackie's skull prop and I was also covered in feathers from the pillow ,so I looked a right state. After a lengthy explanation, they let me go!

So that was my first, and best WASP experience
Thanks Blackie!
Jonathan Tait

Name: Ronnie Gustavsson
From: Sweden

Hello there, my name is Ronnie Gustavsson and I am from Sweden in a small city named Söderhamn.

I was going to see my first W.A.S.P. live show back in -99 with my two friends, and when we got there (the show was played in a near by city) it was very quiet because we got there so early. It was my fault because I didn´t want to miss a bit of the show, and therefore took my friends there about a halfhour before all the people started to arrive. But it wasn´t so bad after all, because when we started to look around the place we heard some guitars jamming. We walked towards the sound and we see Pink Gibson, singer/lead guitar inthe foreband to W.A.S.P., GetAnimal. Anyway we started to talk to him and took pictures and he was very cool. Then I saw this big damn shadow behind me and there stood mr. Chris mean motherfucking man Holmes! My heart was about to shoot out of my forehead! There was one of my absolute best idols ever, and I started to talk to him, and so on. But I was so nervous, so when I thought about him to sign my jacket, I didn´t say "please mr. Holmes, sign my jacket". Hell no, I just said "Sign my jacket". He just looked at me, leaned over me, gave me a really not-nice stare and said "Are you trying to give me orders man?" Now there was a time I was a bit scared, you know... But it worked itself out fine, I just aplogized and said "Hell no man, I´m sorry, can you pleease sign my jacket?" Then he just smiled and looked very friendly at me (it´s true, I have photographs!) and wrote his name in my leatherjacket.

Now theres my first and for now last encounter with W.A.S.P.
Thank you and goodbye.

Name: Paul Chapman
From: Swansea, South Wales, UK

Hope you like my story guys.

I've seen wasp over 20 or so times since the early 80's met every member except for Randy and Tony, my best experience so far has to be in 1997 when they did a pep rally for the K.F.D. album it was february 7 th in Nottingham Rock City in England, I found out about the gig through kerrang magazine as the gig was poorly advertised.

I had no idea who was in the band at that time it seemed the world had forgotten about W.A.S.P.. I travelled up from Swansea about 250 miles away the day before, and arrived at the venue way before any of the band had probably gotten out of bed!!, then i met one of the crew (jonnie allen) a definite double for sean connery lol!! and he said that Blackie was in London doing interviews but the rest of the band were in the hotel, so i headed of to grab some lunch and a beer.

Then about 2 hrs later i decided to head back to the venue to see what sort of stage set up they were going to have for that evening (little did i know it would involve a pig, and a nun strapped to a cross but i wasn't surprised) there wasn't a soul about so as i turned to head of into the town i heard a voice call "hey buddy you got a light" so i turned and nearly fell flat on my ass, it was none other than the legend Mr Chris Holmes himself so we got talking for about an hour and a half he seemed really excited just to be part of the wasp set up again, he went on to say that whilst he was married to Lita Ford she smashed up two of his guitars (one being the budweiser one of the i don't need no doctor video) and that his flat in L.A. was costing him $900 a month in rent, he was so down to earth what a cool guy.

Soon after our conversation ended around another 20 fans turned up so i guess i was really lucky to have spent so much time with Chris alone without everyone hounding him.

It wasn't long after when a people carrier pulled up from out of nowhere with Blackie, Stet and at the time we had no idea who the other guy was (it wasn't until after the gig we found out it was Mike) Blackie was really chatty and spent a lot of time singing stuff and answering questions, i think he was quite surprised with the amount of people that were there so early on considering the band hadn't played live in the U.K. since the Crimson Idol tour back in 92.

As far as the gig went i was really lucky as i had a laminate pass of MTV (they filmed the show for a headbangers ball show) the gig itself was awesome they were really tight and it was just a thrill to see Chris play again.

After the show and many beers! i went backstage, the band were still in the dressing room and Chris came out and said "aint you got a beer man?" i said nope he replied "wait there" and came back with two crates of lager lol!! again we chatted for quite a while until Stet came by, just for the record Stet is the coolest person i have met totally down to earth, he wanted to know where he and Mike could go for a beer so i mentioned a few places, they then asked if i would like to join them for a few beers, we ended up in a night club somewhere in Nottingham until god knows what time, i know Chris and Blackie left the venue soon after the show but Stet and Mike sure know how to have a good time.
It was a great experience.

Name: Lou Delvecchio
From: Long Island, New York

What's up fellow headbangers & W.A.S.P. warriors! This is Lou Delvecchio, from Long Island, New York, & I'd like to share my W.A.S.P. story with ya.

I was fortunate enough to meet the band following their show at Mulcahy's, in Wantagh, New York last summer during the "Unholy Terror" tour. My buddy & I waited outside the backstage door, inhaling toxic fumes from their (& Mushroom Head's) tour buses for about an hour, but it was well worth it the minute we saw Stet Howland emerge through the door. Stet might have been the coolest "rock star" I've ever met. He took the time to talk to everyone & even personalized the autographs he signed. More importantly, he seemed genuinely appreciative for all the attention. Mike Duda came out next, and like Stet, he was also down-to-earth & took the time to talk to everyone. It was kinda like when you were 16, hanging out in the woods, drinking beers with the crew, and just having a good time.

More "stars" should treat their fans this way. Derek was also more than happy to hang out & talk with everyone, and didn't seem to mind all the "Where's Chris?" questions he was bombarded with. A lesser guy might have caught an attitude, but like Stet, Derek too seemed appreciative for the attention. Next came THE MAN.

During the show, somebody got on stage, and apparently pissed Blackie off, as the band finished the set without an encore, meaning we were deprived of "Blind In Texas". When he first came outside, Blackie looked understandably annoyed about the night's events, but he simply stated he would be right back & talk to everyone. Sure enough, Blackie emerged from the tour bus a few minutes later, and true to his word, he took the time to talk to everyone & sign everything handed to him.

Once again, a lesser guy might have let the one jerk during the show ruin it for everyone, but not Blackie. My 2 favorite parts of the story, however, have nothing to do with the band.

On the way home, my buddy & I stopped at a diner. No sooner did we sit down, then a group of people from the show walked in, one of them covered in Blackie's "blood"! Try explaining that to your waitress! Then, when I finally arrived home at 4:00 AM, I had the "pleasure" of explaining to my wife just why my 30 year old, father of 2, ass was so late. If memory serves, she just shook her head and told me I needed to grow up. I guess some people just don't get it!

Meeting the band was like part of my life coming full circle. I've been listening to W.A.S.P. since I'm 14 years old, and being able to actually hold a conversation with them is a memory that won't soon fade!

Hope to see you on the "Dying For The World" tour, guys. I'll meet you outside, behind the bus.

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