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Name: Howard Durst Jr.
From: Newport News, Va.
Story: My story sucks and is quite old.

Back in 1985 I was in the navy, on my first tour, stationed onboard the U.S.S. Portland out of Little Creek, Va. W.A.S.P. was opening for Kiss. A friend of mine knew I was a Kiss / W.A.S.P. fanatic. She had bought tickets for her and I to go to the concert(my ultimate concert). The concert was on a saturday night. She had bought the tickets on a monday. Wednesday the Commanding Officer of the ship put out that we would be getting underway for one week starting friday. So she had a good time at the concert, and I was underway.

Name: Hamed Ansari
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Story: Crimson Idol was the record that blew me away completely. Every single song of it took me to a deep journey. When I read the story of Jonathan and the songs of that album, i realized that I am very similar to Jonathan in inner character and that gave me the deepest impression at the time. that was how I am introduced to WASP. I went to Unholy Terror show in toronto. that blew me again. and DFTW is fucken awesome.

Name: Emma
From: Worcester England

My W.A.S.P story is pretty boring but I am going to tell it to you anyway!

I had a very sheltered upbringing and had never heard of W.A.S.P. until I was 18. I thought Bon Jovi was heavy metal and A vibrator was a foot messager (dumb cow!)

I met a bloke called Mark who introduced me to W.A.S.P and naturally I thought this band was F**king awesome. My Mother tried to ban it from the house but I told her to bugger off.

My first concert was The Headless Children Tour in Birmingham UK I went on my own. All my family said that I was insane. Being epileptic I was on many drugs and got a bit merry on just two pints of cider! I was blown away my that great band and also met my future husband.

I I wend to see The Crimson Idol Tour also and that was the last record that I bought and the last time I saw them. With my husband it was always "WE CAN'T AFFORD IT OR THAT'S TO EXPENSIVE" Nine years past . I told him to F**k Off and, I've lost 3 stone in weight and I am back and rocking. I bought a puppy and called it Blackie. I've had him castrated cause he kept shagging my pillows and leg.

Dying for the World is F**king awesome. See you soon Blackie

Emma Worcester England

Name: Panos
From: Greece

I have never seen W.A.S.P. live because they have never come to Greece and I wasn't able to travel abroad when they were playing in Europe (Headless tour ... ) because I was too young and couldn't afford for tickets etc. Worst of all, I found out that Blackie was in Athens 2 months after his departure. Every time I see live concerts of W.A.S.P. from bootlegs, I put myself in there and I am shaking. I guess I will never meet my spiritual father. Maybe it's better because I will always have Blackie in my mind as someone pure and perfect till I die. I know it sounds a "romantic" but this is how things are.

Set our soul "Forever Free" Blackie.

Name: Larry and Heidi

I've been a WASP fan since the first album, first time I heard them, UNBELIEVABLE. First of all the KFD tour was GREAT!! The rest of this story kind of sucks.

I went to see WASP in Atlanta for the Unholy Terror tour. Me and my soul mate saw the opening act then she got very sick and we had to leave, when we got home our 13 1/2 year old Collie was lying in the garage dead, she had been sick for a while, we cried , next day buried her.

Heidi, my wife, soul mate, felt bad about us missing the show and the death of Tessie our dog. We decided that we were going to see WASP in Cincinati , Sept. 11 was my birthday and it was going to be a gift to fly and see them. Well you know what happened then. So anyway, next time WASP comes to Atlanta I hope I have a little bit better luck.

Rock on Blackie and W.A.S.P.

Name: Joseph Bills

My name is Joseph Bills. I am 28 years of age and have been a W.A.S.P. fan since their first album. Unbeknownst to Blackie Lawless and the rest of the world is that I share a common bond with Blackie; being that I too am descended from Native American bloodlines.

Anyway, it took me 15 years to finally get the privelage to see W.A.S.P. live in concert!! But when I did, they were everything I had expected and more!!! Totally F*****G Awesome!!! Well worth the wait!! Blackie Lawless is a superior showman and the rest of the band is pure unadulterated rock-n-roll fury!!

I took a limo,my girl, some party supplies and got totally blown away by the tallant and intensity of the band!! Rock on Blackie!!!

W.A.S.P. RULES!!!!!!

From: U.K.

A big fan of the band since 1984 have followed them ever since.

The story i want to tell happened in Birmingham, United Kingdom on the The Electric Circus Tour. Walking down to the theatre i saw Blackie with what i thought were fans it turned out to be Warlock with Doro. Wow Blackie was tall Doro was so small in comparison but both bands on the night rocked the Birmingham Odeon to its foundations.

All i have to say it was a fantastic night, Blackie has done it again with DYING FOR THE WORLD, A TOAST TO WASP.

Name: Chuck
From: Minnesota

Aug 25 I got on a plane to go to my hometown of Atlanta, GA just to see my favorite band W.A.S.P. perform. It had been 14 years since I had seen them.

I saw them in '89 on the Headless Children tour and I remember every minute of that show. In between they had toured, but for some damn reason, I was never in the right place. On the Crimson Idol tour they played Minnesota here I UNFORTUNATELY live now) but not Georgia. Then I move here, and they played Atlanta twice, once on the K.F.D. tour and again on the Helldorado outing. And since moving to the Twin Cities I've gotten a Blackie Tattoo (which a picture is in the fan section of the web site) and wanted it signed to get inked in. I got to Atlanta on Saturday, the show was on a Sunday and was leaving on Monday.

Sunday morning came and I was up and ready to hang out in front of the venue. I got there at about 11:00 or so in the morning, and I saw it. Their bus. I just stopped dead in my tracks, and started thinking to myself "What am I going to say?" I pulled myself back together and went and sat on the stairs to the entrance on the side of the bus. The road crew was already unloading the equipment and talking to me as they unloaded the stuff. The road crew was great! Suddenly the bus started up!

"OH SHIT!" I thought to myself. "Where the hell are they going?!" One of the roadies montioned to the back of the building for me. So I walked around to the back of the club, and the bus pulled up. What a sigh of relief.

Again I sat on the steps in front of the bus waiting patiently for someone to come out of the bus. It was about 1:00 or so in the afternoon. Mike came out first and was awesome to talk to! We talked for a little bit, maybe 30 minutes or so and he said he had to go inside and see how things were coming. A little while later one of the drivers came out and sat down next to me. He asked if I was one of the guys they hired in the city to help, and I told him no, I was just an annoying fan. He got a good laugh out of that, and we talked about how the tour was going so far. Not bad, he said but it's early! Which made me laugh. He later got up and went inside. Stet came off next and asked if he could sit down and see the things I brought for them to sign. "Mostly CD books." I said as I handed them over. He sat with me for so long, I couldn't believe it! Every now and then he'd get up to go inside but would come back shortly and sit with me and just talk about everything and anything.

Around 4:00 P.M. it happened. The moment I'd been waiting years for actually happened. Blackie came off the bus, and I froze up. I couldn't believe it, he was alot taller than I had thought, and towered over me! I waited as he talked to some of the people that came off the bus with him, one of which was Darrell but I had no idea who he was at the time. I asked "Hey Blackie, do you have a few minutes?" "SURE!" he said seeming kind of excited. I asked if he would sign my CD books, and could I get a picture. During the picture I put my arm around him and was shaking so bad! "It's ok, Chuck. Hold it together." he said. So I answered "Remember the first time you met Pete Townsend? That's how I feel right now!" Than I asked "Would you sign my tattoo?" "Your what?" he asked as I lifted my shirt to show him my back."Holy shit! That is great!" he commented. "It looks like someone we know, doesn't it?" one of the roadies said, which got us all laughing. He asked me where I had gotten it done, and what made me get that image of him. Someone said something and he had to talk to them for a minute, and then I shared a very personal story with him. After I was done, I couldn't believe it! He talked to me about a personal subject of his own! He heard I was from Minnesota and just came down to see them and he was taken by surprise I think. I told him to have a good set, and I'd see them at the show that night and thanked him for the time.

Later that night, at the show I was blown away by the band and their performance. TOTALLY INCREDIBLE! The road manager saw me in the crowd and walked up to me asking "How many people in your group?" "Two" I said. He handed me two backstage passes. What an awesome night!!!!! I told them all I'd see them in Minnesota around a month later. I was sort of surprised in Minnesota cause I was actually remembered by the band and road crew! Thanks guys for making a dream even better than I ever thought it could be! Hope to do it again this summer!

Name: Mattuas Larsson
From: Malm, Sweden

When W.A.S.P. broke, OKEJ gave them a lot of space in the magazine and all hell broke loose in Sweden. Parents and the Schools tried to ban the band and the discussion even made the Television in Sweden. At the time i was listening to bands like Depeche Mode, Alphaville, Thompson Twins, New Order and stuff. Never gave WASP a chance because of the image that i thought sucked big time.

It wasnt til a couple of years after that i discovered heavy metal and saw the video " Forever Free" on Headbangers Ball that i started listening to WASP. I thought "Hey! This band can play and that guy can really sing." All the time i thought that WASP was just about image.

My first record was The Headless Children. Next video i saw with WASP was "The Idol". Now i was really hooked and started buying everything with WASP i could get over. My first concert was at KB in Malmoe, Sweden in -99. The show was great but the guy that owned the place was pissed of because the guys poured feathers and big bags of "Cocaine" all over the place. Been trying to get him to book WASP again without success.

Last year WASP played the Swedish Rock Festival. Many older band from the 70s which i was not interested in. That was until i saw in the Papers that WASP was coming. I went downtown and got tickets right away.Drove 2 hours to the festival and checked Swedish Band Hammerfall before WASP was on. The band really rocked , and so did the crowd. After 20 min Blackie was forced to leave the stage so the crowd could calm down.The safetyfence infront of the stage was trashed and they had to rebuild it. After the show i talked to the one of the security guys who said hed never seen anything like it. After the show i went to see Gary Moore. After 5 min i was bored and went back to the stage where WASP had played to try and find some guitar pick.

Suddenly Mike Duda and Stet Howland came down from backstage to have a smoke. Quickly found a piece of paper and asked them to sign it. I talked a while with Stet, complementing them for the great show they put on. He said, "Yeah, u just got here to see us.." I said "Hey man, actually i did. Never would have driven this far if it wasnt for u". Stet looked really surprised and shook my hand and thanked me...Great Memory.

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