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Name: Bobby
From: Sweden

Dear members of W.A.S.P. My name is Bobby, I’m from Sweden and I just found out about your web page. I must tell you that your music is an important part of my life and it has also from the beginning made a great impact on my life.

The first time I heard your music was in the year of 1986, I was just 12 years old and a friend of my brothers introduced me to W.A.S.P.

He first played the Animal for me and I just was standing in silence and couldn’t believe my ears. This was the best music I hear since first time I heard Thin Lizzy. Oh yes, Thin Lizzy is one of my favorites as well.

Anyway I ran home and asked my sister if she could by me the album with this song “Animal”, at that time I didn’t know the name of your first album so I referred to the first song I heard. I told my sister to get “ the album with Animal song” I also told her not to tell our mother, since she was a religious woman she didn’t allowed us to listen to rock’n’roll. The only music that came out of our stereo was disco and that sort of shit!

When I got older I started to listen to your lyrics in the songs an started to sing along (when I was alone or with friends on drinking hours) I also started to listen to the stories and many song reflects on my own life. Since my mother was a religious woman, made her think that she could beat the shit out of me in the name of christ. It all started when I was three years old and went on till I was 13 years of age. At the age of fourteen I gave back. The Bitch was about to attack me, when all of a sudden I throw my fist right in her fucking face, I started to hit her in pure rage and didn’t stop until my brother dragged me away. Still today I like to kill that fucking whore. But in my mind I just need to focus on my life.

Anyway whenever I fell glad, sad or just out of control, I like to listen to your music. It makes me feel like a million dollar.

I want to thank you for making my life easier.



Name: William
From: California

Story: I have been a fan of W.A.S.P. ever since I was 14 years old. I'm now 31 years old and I still love the music of Blackie & Co. My story is sort of a bummer but the end is good. In short, I lost my mother to cancer in 1994 she was only 50, shortly after that I lost my girlfriend, my stepfather and my dog. I struggled with alcohol for years to numb the pain I was going through. I got married and during that time my wonderful wife helped me get better. However there was one song that always helped me when I wanted to leave this planet. It was "The Idol" which in my opinion is the best song ever written. I can feel that song unlike any other song in my soul. Blackie just gives his all in that song and I can feel his pain as well. If I ever feel down at all I usually play that song or "Forever Free" which my Mother loved by the way. I'm trying not to sound corny or like a crybaby but a song can change your life. I play guitar and write music as well, and I try to use Blackie & Co. as inspiration to my material. I've worked in the Rock n Roll industry before and I've got a chance to meet most of my hero's. However I truly hope to meet Blackie one day. Stay Black Forever! W.A.S.P. fan forever free!

From: South Dakota


I got the nickname-Wasp Girl from a local band that is no longer together. I told them I'm not a girl and changed it to WaspWoman. The 69 part was cause I had to choose a number after my name.

Time for the show.... It was September 24,2001. We drove 4 1/2 hours to Fargo, ND. Once we got to the place of the show(PLAYMAKERS). I took pics of the tour bus and outside. However I beleive it was Darrell who was outside the bus when I took the pics. (we didn't know who Darrell was before the show) Needless to say this show was right after the terrible Attack on the TWIN TOWERS. We were not able to take in cameras or anything. We were patted down before the show. We got one of the flyers before the show.

We finally got in and got some shirts. The merchandise guy was way cool. I went and got him change and I had to try on the babydoll shirt right there. SO I left it on. I guess I looked good in it. We talked to alot of the W.A.S.P. fans and they were all very sweet and nice. We have never met such nice people. We were in the front row right in front of BLACKIE'S Mic Stand. I was in Heaven. The opening bands were awesome. With the exception of PISSING RAZORS. (Didn't care for them.) However we are now in with Sons Of Poseidon/SOP. We see them all the time. In fact going to see them next weekend.

I think Blackie when you come this way for your tour this OCTOBER I think you should get them back on your opening act again. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!

Finally the show: "Oh Baby Blackie is soo fine" is about all I could
think of. Not knowing W.A.S.P. at all until this time. The arora that Blackie sends out when he is on stage is awesome. (my hubby has known WASP since the early 80's. He had just gotten back into Heavy metal again. He was giving me W.A.S.P. one on one for a month before the show) Like I said we were right in front of his mic stand and OH MY GOD!! I listend to the music and watched their show. I got a gutair pic of Blackie's and I got blood all over my hands from the skull. I didn't want the night to end. When Blackie was up on his stand and basically flying over us I was yelling as loud as I could "COME HERE BABY, I WANT YOU BLACKIE!" I was jjumping up and down and having a great tme. My hubby wound up behind me and he was getting a kick out of watching me and feeling me jumping on him. LOL

We didn't stay after the show as It was getting cold and we aren't stalkers. Besides I didn't want to wash my hands. I wound up wiping my hands off on a hotel rag and I still have it. LOL

We can't wait to see W.A.S.P. again. And GOD do we hope to hell they come this way again.

Keep On Rockin' WASPWOMAN

Name: Al
From: Perpetual

Hello fellow Rockerz,

This is AL from the local St.Louis Hard Rock band PERPETUAL! I've been a huge WASP fan for years and I'm proud to say I STILL AM ! I just puchased the new WASP DVD "The Sting, Live At The Key Club" and ofcourse, IT ROCKS ! Blackie is, and always will be the ultimate song writer. His lyrics to this day, are an inspiration to my own song writing. I wish the band luck in the future, and this WASP fan will always be there to support them.


Name: Jose Alberto
From: Madrid, Spain

I knew W.A.S.P. in 1986 when I saw by the TV Spain the video Wild Child. I was so single 12 years old, I thought, uah that song, that video, that group, is fantastic.

A friend of the school was W.A.S.P. FANS from the first disc and he recorded to me songs like I WANNA BE SOMEBODY, ANIMAL, BLIND IN TEXAS, WILD CHILD, THE TORTURES NEVES STOP, TORMENTOR.... I thought again, this group are a beast, fantastic, that voice, that guitars, fantastic.

The first record that I bought was THE LAST COMMAND, soon would arrive INSIDE THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS, WASP, LIVE IN LYCEUM BALLROOM. My parents said to me as you can listen to this music, are howls and I answered to them: to leave me peacefully, they are the best ones, heavy is best music. I cannot go to see touch them, along with MAIDEN the two nights that played in Madrid in 1986, by my short age( It was a thorn nailed in my heart, that me I could clear when I saw them in tour THE CRIMSON IDOL).

Soon It arrive the best album from the history of heavymetal "HEADLESS CHILDREN", fantastic album, tour, videos, singles.
For my this is the best album of W.A.S.P., by its force, the form to sing of Blackie, the solo guitar of Chris, the tracks of batery of Frankie, lyrics and coverall by song REBEL IN F.D.G., my favourite.

And finally, after several years of delay, I can see in direct a concert of W.A.S.P., uahhhh, see Blackie arrives of the scene, singing Hellion, I wanna be somebody, The Idol, Headless Children...

Later I have been able to see to them in tour KILL FUCK DIE, HELLDORADO and the W.A.S.P. show in the Wacken 2001.
Thanks a Blackie to do fantastic records, tours..


Name: Carlos Salgado
From: Chicago


Man what a day it was! I could still remember that day I saw the billboard Meet Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. here at Rolling Stones 3-21-00!

I was a freshman at school and told all my friends about it! I remember cutting my last two periods and leaving for the signig where i met up with what looked like 50 W.A.S.P. fans! When I got in the store to reseave the autographs I was speachless I couldn't think of anything to say but then I told Chris " you two fucks are my idols " then i shook his hand and took some pictures. and left.

I think I was the youngest person in line I was 14 years old at the time. but if you think that was kick ass on my way home i saw them again this time in a music store not far from there and i got off the bus and walked in there and saw them again what a day.

I will always remember that day because it was the day that I always dreamed of. i was actually talking to Stet Holland and he put his arm around me and we were talking I took 2 pictures of Mike and Stet and then I was off WHen they left they waved good bye to me and man was it cool!

Name: Warren

March 5th 2000 will be A day I'll never forget! W.A.S.P. played the FALLS in Sanford Me.

A buddy of mine went also.I showed up at the falls around 4:30 pm as I entered my buddy chris comes running up to me "dude I'm sitting next to chris fucking holmes!" so I went in and sure enough there he was eating A burger and fries.I sat down at the bar and waited. there were A few fans milling about getting chris's autograph.I was stunned sitting two seats down was chris holmes! he sat there telling jokes and talking to people. when stet walked in

Chris started messing with stet the minute he got to the bar .fans flocked to get stet's autograph.I waited till the last person was done and asked if he would sign A few things. he said sure and we had some small talk(mostly about his lenghty stay in wasp and his being from new england)my frind chris was busy getting chris's autograph at this point,when mike duda came in.

I again waited till the line was gone and approched mike and asked him to sign some things we also had small talk (his being a big hockey fan and playing it when he was younger) now it was time to meet chris holmes.I walked up and waited he turned around "how you doin" I told him he ruled he replied "i'm just a guitar player" i told him he ruled again he just smiled then signed a bunch of stuff.all three hung out for a little while longer then it was time to get ready for the show!

The show ROCKED! they blew the roof off the place.i was in heaven only 2 or 3 feet away from blackie and co. A bunch of us went back to my place after the show and rocked to wasp well into the wee hours of the morning.it was only 40 degrees out and i caught a nasty sinus infection but boy was it worth it!!!!!!!!!!

W.A.S.P. rule!!!!!!!!!


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