Stage Antics 2...
A look at the many stage antics Blackie and the boys have got up to over the years


Left Pic : Blackie Right Pic : Chris
Middle Pic: Headless backdrop with pyrotechnics galore!!

The Headless Children Tour saw W.A.S.P.'s stage show take a 360 degree turn. The concept of this show was to collaborate the seriousness and heaviness of the record. The tour was unlike anything W.A.S.P had done before - There were no outrageous stage antics, but a message that was strong and hit to the bone.

The show saw the album cover motif come to life in three dimensions. At the beginning of the show an huge video screen displays images of violence - this helps portray the concept of the first song "The Heretic (The lost Child)".

Throughout the show the video screen shows disturbing and hard hitting images from the major embarrassments of world history. The likes of Hitler and Hummler to news-reel clips from Vietnam to various Klan members.

In the song "Thunderhead" the screen shows images of dying junkies and crack smokers. Blackie preaches about the danger of drugs and receives a massive applause (even from photographers and the security guys).

The Headless Children saw W.A.S.P.'s stage show in a new dimension and showed people (especially the PMRC) that W.A.S.P. really did care about what was going on in the world.

The slogan for The Headless Children Tour was:
"The music is loud - The message is clear".


Left Pic & Right Pic: Blackie playing with pure emotion
Middle Pic: Johnny & Stet & The Crimson Idol backdrops

The U.K tours stage backdrop consisted of a large canvas of the album cover of The Crimson Idol, which half way through the show (when all the songs from Crimson had been played) reverted to the same backdrop as seen on The Electric Circus Tour.

There was no cod piece, blood, etc - Just pure musical talent!

There were plans that there was going to be a mirror/video screen showing clips of the film of The Story of Jonathan. (Not sure if this happened in the U.S. Please let us know)

The Slogan for The Crimson Idol was
"Be careful what you wish may come true"


Left Pic: The nun awaits the HORROR during 'Kill your Pretty Face'
Middle Pic: The nun after her rape (poor soul!)
Right Pic: Marilyn Manson gets the treatment he deserves (only joking!) at the WASP CON 98*

On the 97 Kill Fuck Die Tour, WASP's stage antics were wilder than ever! Whilst in the song 'Kill your Pretty Face' Blackie reveals a nun, attached to a huge cross with chains - her legs spread. The sparks fly, as Blackie sharpens the knife attached to his cod piece on the grinder on the mike stand. Then 'The Horror' begins......In the European shows in early 97, Blackie would rape the nun, then place his face between her legs and bring out a bloody fetus. He would then wrap the fetus around his neck, and eventually impale it on the knife attached to his cod piece. A scary stage act, but it got WASP the publicity they needed at that time, and showed the likes of Marilyn Manson what real psycho-drama was all about!

A alternative version to the nun was seen at the WASP Con in New Jersey in September 98, where Blackie replaced the nun with a life size figure of Marilyn Manson. Blackie dragged the doll (by a noose) around the stage, and rapes Manson from behind (Cough!) with his knife cod piece. Eventually he rips the doll open to reveal the fetus. At the end of the show he tears Manson head off, pulls out his brain, and let the blood run from the severed head into his mouth and down his chest!

Left Pic: The pig after the chop!
Middle Pic: Blackie shows off his prize to the audience!
Below Pic: Blackie surrounded by the feathers he had just thrown over the audience

The nun was not the only one who had a nightmare on the KFD tour, so did the pig! In the song 'The Horror' Blackie climbs onto Stets drum set, and begins turning a wheel, which rises the pig strapped to a anise. Blackie gets a huge sword, and whilst the lights flash, so the pig gets his head chopped off. Blackie shows off his prize to the pleased audience, and then brings out a pillow full of feathers.....He covers the crowd, a excellent effect - but sure as hell hard to get out of your clothes after ;) ha ha!

* The Lawless/Manson pic was taken from the site ,
where you can purchase a copy of W.A.S.P's live performance at the W.A.S.P Con
(which includes the Manson rape!)


Left & Right Pic: Blackie after his blood/skull stunt!
Middle Pic: The horned skull mike stand!

....WELCOME TO HELL! So what antics did we get up to this time? 1) Rack - No! 2) Pig - No!
3) Nun - No! 4) Raw meat - No! 5) Kick Ass Rock N Roll - YES, YES, YES!!!!

The Helldorado shows have been pure rock n roll at its finest. The atmosphere at the shows have been overwhelming!! Out of all the W.A.S.P. shows we have attended (and this being number 7) this one has been one of the most enjoyable - we got the perfect mixture of classic W.A.S.P. along with the new tracks too.

Stage antics included Blackie drinking the blood from the skull and a messy mixture of flour, water, feathers, balloons and Blackie's spit thrown over the audience. (There were rumours that the balloons were going to be filled with live maggots). We have heard that at earlier shows in Europe W.A.S.P. threw a mixture of earth with live worms out into the audience (however unsure if this is true).