The Sisters Of Mercy Boys Home

29 Ravenswood Court is the address of the Orphanage where Jesse was abandoned. The place where Jesse was forever given away.

It was part of a State operated complex with the Orphanage in one part and a mental Hospital in the other. No one in the Orphanage was ever allowed near the Hospital. But there were rumors that a few of the kids had ended up there. No one ever knew if it was true.

It was like an old prison: it was cold, damp and was made from old bricks with no color. It was dark gray.

It was raining when Jesse first arrived so the lack of sun made the place look even darker. It was huge, six levels high and about one hundred meters wide and Jesse could hear strange sounds coming from it like it was alive.

The Wishing Well

From the window next to Jesse's bed he could see out into the courtyard and in the middle was an old well that was used before the property had running water. It was referred to as the "Wishing Well" because it was deep and it was rumored that more than one kid had gotten their "wish" by drowning themselves there. For some it was their only way out.

After Jesse's year of torment with Sister Sadie, he was put into Asylum #9 for 'false claims' of his abuse. Before they could take him away he ran out into the courtyard and with one desperate leap jumped into the "Wishing Well". His"wish" was to leave that place forever. Jesse awoke 3 days later from the coma he was in. The impact of the fall to the bottom of the well knocked him out and he had almost drowned.

The Torture Room

This is the room that Sister Sadie punished Jesse. The room was dark and smelled like slow death. There was one red light that gave off very little illumination. The room was about 25 feet by 40 feet and it was all concrete. It had been a holding facility (or jail) a long time ago for the hospital to hold and transfer mentally ill patients. There was one single drain in the middle of the floor that was used to de-louse (body lice) the patients years before. It had huge open beams in the ceiling and on the center beam was an old pulley system, sometimes referred to as a block and tackle. It was made with a steel chain and a large hook on its end for lifting.

Jesse would experience a year of torment here....All the abuse he experienced were images that would haunt him for life.


Asylum # 9 was the sanitarium Jesse was subitted to after telling Sister Ann-Marie about the abuse he was recieving from Sister Sadie.

The place was basically a long rectangular room with 22 beds and bars on the windows. Jesse befriends two people here: Teddy (Spazmo) & William Samuel Sims (aka Serial Sam).



Billy's parents were rich, therefore he was able to have his own room; this was called the "Red Room of the Rising Sun". It was decorated with old hippie décor with a lot of Middle Eastern and Indian influence. It had tapestry rugs and huge pillows on the floor, some lava lamps and a couple of huge water pipes.

Billy’s parents were basically old hippies that had sold out their utopian dream for cash. Billy grew up in that environment and loved the old 60’s psychedelic influence. That’s why the "Red Room" looked the way it did. It was the coolest place Jesse had ever seen and he spent most of our time there.


There were two girls that were brought into the "brotherhood" to become part of the "family". Jesse referred to them as his raging ‘angels’. They would do anything to please. They would steal food and cook for them. They would also bring in other girls from time to time for their pagan celebrations.

These "celebrations" were usually on Saturdays and Jesse would speak to them all about love and freedom of the mind. Hallucinogenics (LSD and Ecstasy) were an important part of these "celebrations" and during the course of them, ritualistic orgies would take place. In these orgies one girl would be chosen as a sacrifice. Not to be sacrificed mortally but sexually and of their own will. Everyone would take them at some time in the evening. These were always done in an open field deep in the county side at night.

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