Robert Slane
Mary Slane
Sister Sadie
William 'Billy' Sims
Judah Magic
The Disciples
Lucy & Mary


Jesse Slane

Jesse William Slane is the main character of the story. He is 6', 160lbs with long brown hair and fair skin.

His father died when he was six and his drug dependent mother sent him to The Sisters Of Mercy Boys Home when he was 8. It was run by Catholic nuns.Whilst in the orphanage he was physically, mentally and sexually abused by a nun named Sister Sadie. After a year of abuse he eventually spoke up and told of his ordeal. Sister Sadie denied everything and sent Jesse to the sanitarium. Before ending up in Asylum #9 he tried to commit suicide by jumping into the wishing well. Here he saw his past, present and future messiah character and after this near death experience he starts to discover psychic powers.

After three days in a coma he awoke and was placed under observation in the hospital. When it was determined that he was no longer a danger to himself he was sent to Asylum #9. Here he meets Billy & Spazmo. Billy kills himself with an overdose of sleeping pills when he finds out Jesse is leaving the asylum - Jesse would never have another friend like him.

Jesse went back to the orphanage, but later ran away and lives on the streets for 2 years. He would slept in old abandoned buildings, drug houses and any place that would give him shelter, this was until he meets someone who would change his life forever. He met Judah Magic after watching him perform some street magic. Judah becomes his mentor and Jesse starts to study metaphysics and the occult.

They recruit others to join their 'Brotherhood' - 3 men, 2 girls, and it was soon obvious Jesse was more powerful than Judah. Wherever they went people were drawn to Jesse - The student had become the master. With the help of mind control drugs his 'disciples' believed that Jesse had powers which could heal and read minds. They looked up to him as their new Messiah and in one of their 'celebrations' Jesse carves the word 'God' into his forehead - He was 22 years old at the time.

His preachings went from street corners to public meetings, even creating a recruiting website. He sells videos of himself and even a video for the big screen 'The Neon God' and 'Scorpions with Tails of Fire' He gathers support as people feel his power. The brotherhood' (or 'family') behind the scenes do the necessary evils to enable his rise to power, until he eventually becomes a major cult figure.

Self conflict and internal self-doubt has to whether he really is a 'Messiah Figure' becomes a living torture. 'What was he?', 'Why was he here? - Was he the garden of Eden? If so which one was he?

Whilst at the peak of his ministry, on one of his nightly celebrations he saw an image which caught his eye - It was his Mother. She had tried to worm her way back into his life and completely destroyed his world once again. Once she had gone nothing seemed to matter anymore. Jesse realised he was no Son of God, no Messiah, just a lair and a con man.

For the next few weeks he tried to make some sense of his life and eventually called a metting with Judah and the Disciples. He told them he was leaving and that he was not their Messiah, he saw the look of disbelief on their faces, all except Judah.

Jesse then finds out that Judah and the disciples plot to kill him in front of the whole world. They did not know that Jesse had the knowledge of this. Jesse begins his descent of drunken power, still tormented with the forever question - The quest of the Holy Trail.

Is there something out there greater than us? Is there a god? Jesse hopes so, because it is not him.

Robert Slane

Robert Slane (also known as Bobby) was Jesse's father. He died when Jesse was six. Just before he died he gave Jesse a bible for his birthday. Inside it said "to Jesse, love Dad".


Mary Slane
Jesse's Mother. After the death of his father, she fell apart. She became addicted to alcohol and drugs. She began to resent Jesse and at the age of eight she gave him to "The Sister's of Mercy" Boys Home.

He begged her not to leave him there, but the last thing she said to Jesse was "I will not argue with the devil"

She later comes back to Jesse at the peak of his Ministry, only to cause him pain once again.

Sister Sadie

Sadie was in her 50s when she died. She was 6' 2", 255lbs with short dirty blonde hair, fair skin and transparent icy blue eyes (one of her eyes were glass). She walked with a noticeable limp.

She had one sister 'Sarah'. They were both sexually abused by their father (who was a leader in Episcopal Church). He was murdered by Sarah when she was 15 after years of abuse.

Sadie was sent to a Catholic orphanage at the age of 10 after her mother committed suicide. She took her life for not exposing her husbands sexual abuse to her two daughters. Sadie stays in the orphanage and becomes a nun at the age of 18.

When Jesse met her she was Mother Superior also known St. Cruella the "Bitch In Charge". She ran the Sisters of Mercy Boys Home Orphanage with an iron hand and no one questioned her authority. All the kids where scared of her. She would carry a silver cane with a large looming cross on the top of it which she would used to punish the kids. One wrong look and they would have it across their knuckles.

At 11 Jesse was sent to her for stealing food. For a whole year she would punish him in a separate room away from the main orphanage. She would abuse him mentally, physically and sexually. She threatened that if he told anyone "He would not be believed" When he finally did tell someone she sends him to Asylum #9 telling everyone that he tried to kill her.

Sister Ann Marie

She was in charge of the medical facility in the Orphanage. Jesse told her of the abuse he was receiving from Sister Sadie. When she confronted Sister Sadie, She told Sister Ann Marie that Jesse should be placed in the Sanitarium. Later on in the story she also takes over the running of the orphanage - when Sister Sadie died.

William Samuel Sims "Serial Sam"

Occupant of Asylum # 9. Billy was a harmless looking, easy going 15 year old. He had short blonde hair, glasses, 5' 9" and 150lbs

A genius who had been sexually abused by one of his school teachers a few years earlier. He killed the teacher by putting rat poison & methanol alcohol in his car filtration system.

Both his parents was alive and rich so he had a constant supply of cash, which he used to get the orderlies and attendants to supply him with anything that we wanted, drugs etc. With Billy's financial influence he always had a separate room where they (Billy, Jesse & Spazmo) would go to to get high, this was called " The Red Room of the Rising Sun".

Billy adopted Jesse like a brother and when Jesse was able to leave the Asylum to return to the orphanage Billy committed suicide with a bottle of sleeping pills.

He left Jesse a note saying "You've been the only true friend that I've ever had and I'm never going to have another and I won't stay here any longer, your friend Billy.

Spazmo "Teddy"

Ted 'Teddy James was 16 Year old with red hair and freckles who occupied Asylum #9. He was 5' 10" and 130lbs. Omitted for strangling his grandmother with a blanket when he was 13. His brain was fried through drug abuse.

Spazmo was used by the attendants in the hospital to test drugs on. He worked for a guy named "Billy" (William Samuel Sims "Serial Sam").

Judah Magic

Judah had long black hair and beard. His skin was olive and he walked with a limp. At 5' 6", 120lbs he wasn't very big but he was aggressive. Not in a physical way, but mentally. He had an aura about him. It was an energy that you could sense and feel. He was one of those people that had an amazing presence and people were afraid of him because of it.

He was born in Istanbul, Turkey approximately 1970. His parents were Southern Soviet refugees who escaped in the 70's to Turkey. They smuggled Judah across in a box with a false bottom. His father died in the crossing.

His mother passes away through childbirth, the baby dies and Judah is sent to an orphanage. Here he is given the name 'Judah Magic' because of the smuggling box, He runs away from the orphanage at the age of 15.

The smuggling box inspires him to study magic and master the art of E.S.P and telepathy. He his fascinated with the occult, 3rd Reich and the Tibetan book of death.

He receives a 15 year sentence in jail for drug trafficking at the age of 17. Whilst in jail he gets into a fight with the prison guards, they put his right foot in a vice and he's left with a permanent limp. He escapes prison by once again using a box with a fake bottom, the box was put on a truck and he his freed!

Judah first saw Jesse whilst he was in a street doing magic to a crowd of people. He chose Jesse to assist him in a magic trick. and later said that he chose him because he could "feel" him and he knew that Jesse would not "fight him" mentally. He said he could help Jesse, teach him about EST, ESP and telepathy. Jesse had been interested in those things for a long time. and Judah became his mentor. They got high together and talked about life, religion and people. They both knew that most people could be manipulated in some way. They both knew that the world would kill you if you let it. They decided they would kill the world… together! There was a magnetic attraction between them and they became inseparable.

Over time Jesse's personality and presence became stronger than Judah’s and wherever they went people were drawn to Jesse. The student had become the Master.

Judah turns on Jesse when he finds out that Jesse wantes to leave the cult. He plans his death for the world to see through a Pay per View event.


The Disciples

Rockin Robbie:
A.K.A.' Robbie Taylor. He was the first person to join the gang.

JoJo Stone:
The Second Guy to be brought into the gang.

Mad Max Morrison:

(These three where all thieves, hustlers of some kind. Jesse called them "disciples" and gave them new names. With help of mind control drugs they would do anything Jesse wanted.)

Lucy & Mary (Jesse's Raging Angels)

Jesse's "raging angels" were brought into the "brotherhood " to steal food and cook.

These two girls would bring other girls into the gang to take part in pagan celebrations.

Jesse renamed Mary to Mother Mary.