Fan Dedication
Below are various forms in which fans show their dedication for W.A.S.P.

Look at Silvana San (Brazil) amazing W.A.S.P. Birthday Cake!

Wow, Check Silvana San from Brazil tat!!
(A true Wild Child!)

Carlos in his Crimson Idol T-Shirt

Carlos friend Mark's 33rd Birthday Cake

Jess and Angie Austrialia's Youngest W.A.S.P. Fans
(Carlos Daughters) You girls rock!!!

Thanks Carlos :)

Wow, look at Russ's amazing Last Command Tat!

Awesome Russ!

Check out Mike from Lethbridge Alberta awesome W.A.S.P. Tattoo

Thanks Mike

This is gravedigger awesome tattoo!

Thanks Gravedigger!

This is CrazyInParadise awesome tattoo!

Thanks CrazyInParadise

This is RevWASPchild's awesome tattoo which covers almost
the entire outside of his right calf!
Thanks Rev ;)

Check out Jaclyn's amazing W.A.S.P. Tattoo!!!
Thanks Jaclyn :)

Here is Dave Kelly's new tattoo. It rocks!!!
Thanks Dave :)

This is Manimal and his W.A.S.P. Cakes.

Check out his tat too!!!

Thanks Waspwoman and Manimal!!!

Check out this Amazing Blackie Lawless Tattoo

Thanks Stephan From Germany!!!!

This is Death's awesome W.A.S.P. Tattoo

Thanks Death!!!!

This is Kenneth Bergmark from Sweden awesome W.A.S.P. Tattoo

Thanks Kenneth!!!!

Above is a picture of Shelly's awesome Blackie Lawless Tattoo

Thanks Shelly!!!!!

Above is a picture of Chuck Parnell's awesome Blackie Lawless Tattoo

Thanks Chuck!!!!!

Above is The W.A.S.P Warrior getting his very cool W.A.S.P Tattoo.

Thanks The W.A.S.P-Warrior!!!!!

This is a cool pic of 'Death's' W.A.S.P. car.

Thanks Death!!!!

These pictures was sent to us by Sinza Laflesh.
It is a proto-type figure of Blackie that he has made.

This is so cool and very detailed with a lot of skill gone into it (....and we really want one!!!). Check out Winged Assassins for more information on Sinza'a projects..

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