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Below are a selection of creative items by very talented W.A.S.P fans

The awesome Screensavers where done by Sonia Waterfield

Thank you Sonia - They are awesome!!

This amazing piece of (Neon God inspired) artwork was done by Dev

Thank you Dev - AMAZING!

The awesome artwork below was done by Iann-Aurélien Ridon from France

Thank you Iann - It's Great

This great sketch of Blackie was done by Jenny from Barcelona

Great Work Jenny!

Check out this cool artwork by Camila from Argentina

Thanks Camila - They are awesome!

Check out these G.R.E.A.T. wallpapers by Scott Carr

Thanks Scott - They are GREAT!

Awesome tribute by Laura, Buenos Aires, Argentina -
"A tribute to my master, Blackie Lawless...This is me and the devil..."

Thanks Laura - Its cool!

These 2 cool wallpapers were done by Pauline, Norway

Thanks Pauline

Awesome Portrait of Blackie was done by Grzesiek

Thanks Grzesiek!

This Great Drawing was done by Rafael Lemos

Thanks Rafael!!

A really cool wallpaper by Alex Stayzer

Thanks Alex!

Awesome Wallpaper "High On The Flames" was made by Niels Vorst from Belgium

Awesome Wallpaper made by Alex Stayzer

Thank you for sending the picture Alex

Awesome picture made by Missy Laird

Thank you for sending the picture Missy!

Awesome picture made by Joe Vitzen from San Diego, Ca.

Thank you for sending the picture Joe!!

Awesome painting By Nina from Serbia

Thank you for sending the picture Nina!!

Awesome painting By Renee Laird

Click here to see Renee meeting Blackie and signing her painting

New Neon God Wallpaper By Ronan Kolar (Death)

For larger image please visit his website The Black Side

Thank you Deathly One!!!!!

Michele Fusco awesome paintings of Blackie

Click here to see more of Michele's paintings.

Neon God Artwork By Ronan Kolar (Death)

For more arkwork by Death please visit his website The Black Side

Thank you Deathly One!!!!!

This is an awesome skecth of Blackie done by
Tim from Germany

Click here to view Shane Rivett's cool W.A.SP Art Website
Shane's Website

Click here to read a poem entitled Ground Zero sent to us by
Emma from Worcester England

Click here to read a poem sent to us by
Sarah E Robbins

Click here to read the poems sent to us by the talented:
Ville"Gamemaster" Sannikka

His work his well worth a look and you can feel the W.A.S.P
influence when you read it....

This is an awesome skecth of Blackie done by
Lily "Wild child" from Ukraine

Katina Sotirova Cool Paintings & Drawings of Blackie


Check out Austin's 'White Angel' artwork.
For more info on his comic 'White Angel' check out his website:


Elizabeth Pope's Cool Drawing of Blackie

"This is a character portrait drawn by Elizabeth Pope for her fiance who died in Dec. of 1993. His character, Nightshadow, is one of the four main characters in her vampyr novel, Shadowclash--The Awakening. Nightshadow is a shape-shifter, from Human to Wolf. He wanted his character to resemble Blackie Lawless, so this is how she drew it for him. They were lucky enough to meet Blackie Lawless at a record store around about the time of the Crimson Idol.

He autographed the original artwork and posed for pictures with her and her fiance, John Duckworth (above). She would like to display this artwork in John's memory, because he was such a big fan of W.A.S.P. Anyone interested in her novel, please contact the The Children Of Lawless, who will forward your requests onto Elizabeth."


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